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  1. That is a beautiful well marked fish old man....how big?
  2. Thanks Patriot. It sounds like you have spent some time hanging out at microbreweries !
  3. Thanks for the replies BSmaster and Killians and sorry for this line through my words here...been having trouble withhthis website. My son told me he is solely relying on their master brewer, who grew up in my sons wifes hometown in NC and are lifelong friends. This fellow moved from NC to Philadelphia and is working for a microbrewery named Yards Brewing Co.,becoming a master brewer for them I think about 10 years ago....and he has been wanting to spend more time back home, so there was a good fit.My son says Yards makes some real good beer and is doing well. I'm not to sure about this...I just hope his brewery does good down there in NC
  4. Hi whaler1.Mother nature is on the coyote's side. The more we have tried to wipe them out in US, the more they prosper, thrive, and branch out ,expanding their range .They will begin to mature and breed much younger and have much larger litters when their numbers are threatened in an area they want to live .
  5. My son has been working on getting a micro brewery going for the last year and a half in N. C.....Do you guy's think it is to late to get into that business ? I hope it works out,, but not so sure. They finally are starting their first batch this Mond ay
  6. "Save The River" , SUNY ESF, and "1000 Islands Biological Station" sponser an award each year to any angler who successfully catches and releases unharmed, a legal size Musky back into the St. Lawrence River. The award is a print of a painting by artist Michael C. Ringer. This year the print was titled " Sovereign". When they raised the legal Musky size limit from 48 inches up to 54 inches in 2015, I figured I would never get a chance to get one of Ringers Musky prints....but man was I surprised and shocked when we pulled that 56" beauty into the boat this fall! Any way, I guess we'll try for another print next season! Here is a picture of the print and a picture of me releasing her this past October on the St. Lawrence.
  7. Last spring while jigging for walleyes on a buddys boat, I hooked something heavy ...I knew it wasn't a fish, but Bruce got the net ready anyway. We laughed when I landed the 6 foot plug in Perko Anchor/Running light with American Flag ! When you shove off from the dock for a day of fishing, what are the odds of you hooking up with a Perko plug in light while jigging? A million to 1 ? Not sure of the odds but I'm sure it is pretty high ! lol
  8. How close is that to a nuclear power plant ?
  9. Maybe large numbers of cormorants will start dying off soon. The Food chain is going through some changes.
  10. Have someone throw it at you eerotowmonsh
  11. Here is a picture of my smitty sled I made years back for my lightweight 1 man shack. Small downhill ski's that glide real well and wood frame . Tub sits between the screw eyes which are my bungy cord anchors. Whether deep snow , slush, a couple inches of snow , bare ice, dry ground parking areas etc.... if I'm walking the smitty gets used. Not only makes pulling your gear a breeze, it will extend the life of the bottom of your shack's tub.
  12. Love my lowrance x67-c except my model does not have the gps map chip. So for years I used a handheld gps to get to and from my fishing spots. Last year I bought a Lowrance elite 4 & ice kit with gps and Navionics chip...awesome unit. I mount the elite 4 on my snowmobile for navigation ,(the navionics chip is very accurate for Oneida where I do a lot of fishing) then use the x67 for my shanty fishing and hole hopping. Batteries are compatible, so I always have a backup battery and unit while out on the ice. These portable units work great for open water fishing too. Just by switching from the ice transducer to a skimmer transducer with suction cup mount or standard transom mount, they can be used on any watercraft from a canoe to a big boat. They can even be used off a bulkhead or dock....A great purchase that can be used all year for fishing fun.
  13. Was he headed downhill or uphill at last known blood spots? Check any creeks ,ponds or water holes in the area where he was headed . Listen and watch for heavy crow activity this morning...they could lead you to him if he is down. Keep circling(larger and larger circles) from last known blood specks until you find more, in case he backtracked, or turned sharply....mark every little blood spot.Don't give up until you find him. last resort ,Get a dog. Good luck , hope you find him this am.
  14. 8 " is plenty of clearance steelie. In the picture It looked like there might have been only 4" or so of clearance, then that crossmember and tub would start plowing snow, making it tough to pull again. Like sk8man said, not all smitty sled designs are the same....every different design and material make up has it's pro's and con's , depending on the size and weight of your shack with gear, and the snow and ice conditions etc.. I have never seen a smitty sled with water ski's, but i'm sure they will work well . They might be a a little heavier than xc ski's, about the same wt. as downhill ski's, but they are a wider ski, which will offer more resistance.....but might have better "floating" characteristics...in other words, won't sink in as much as the others.You will know right away . It looks like your smitty, has a nice wide stance, which helps with "floatation" in the snow,spreading the weight, and keeps your load from shifting when crossing pressure cracks, frozen snow drifts and when going up and down the lakeshore bank when getting on and off the ice. The ski's length make a difference on spreading the load too. Many times you will be following snowmobile tracks, which make for easy pulling and walking...and hopefully your smitty skis will fit nicely within those old snowmobile tracks/trails. Good luck to you this winter and I hope your smitty sled design, size and materials work great for you and your gear.
  15. You are going to love the smitty sled. You will use less than half the energy pulling that otter shack through even the deepest snow. Just wondering.... how much clearance do you have under those cross members that the tub is sitting on?
  16. Try a fawn or doe bleat mouth call next time you see one out of bow range like that ST.
  17. Yes...Gotta love Oneida lake for ice fishin'! Sure helps the winter fly by....then before you know it , it's Spring! Good luck out there on the ice King Slammin....still can't get over the size of that buck you bagged, congrats again.!
  18. BIG Buck King Slammin...wow....and Congrats momay and nice video.
  19. Good point Runnin Rebel...No one has seen, or got a shot at him these last few days with the bow, so hopefully ,like you said, he has passed those genes on to a couple of my local does for a better "property pool" . (hope the does make it to next season )Good luck to you the rest of this season.
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