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  1. Thanks guy's...it was a fun time out there despite the breeze. ( I just added another comparison picture,showing the inside of the mouth of each fish) Pete, they are beautiful... also strong.... fast....acrobatic...and delicious ! Can't ask for much more than that ! momay/sk8man, thanks. A lot of undersize atlantics do get kept by some fisherman that mistake them for silvery,lightly spotted brown trout. I hope the pics can help to see some basic differences between the two fish. no fish fingers for me Glen.
  2. I had a fun solo trip out in breezy, windy conditions on Lake O mid-day yesterday, north of the salmon river.. I went 7 for 7, some off the boards and a few out a little deeper off the rigger. 5 browns with the largest being a 26 1/2" female that never dropped her eggs, 29 inch Atlantic that put my trout tackle to the test ,and jumped/ cart-wheeled 5 times, and also a 31 " hog walleye (released of course) that is the longest I have ever caught in N.Y. State waters. I'm guessing she was between 11 and 13 lbs . I took a couple of brown trout /Atlantic salmon comparison pics v v
  3. It was a blast out there Sunday morning Glen....lot's of action, and only 1 lost fish. I never even had a donut or opened my coffee thermos 'til we got back to the dock !! Your boat, along with the new and old equipment worked great...no problems at all. I hope all your trips out on the big lake this year go that smooth. BTW I did a shake down run with my boat yesterday...a few minor issues , but overall a success. I didn't go very far for my first trip out and being solo, but found some fish close to mexico launch..... none over 20 inches.
  4. I need them when I'm fishin' on my boat....lol We would have needed a "heavy duty" set of fish fingers for that big old drum...that was a blast...thought it was a 20 lb. plus brown when we got that hit on your dipsey!!
  5. ... I'm going to get a set of those fish fingers !!...lol
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANK !! It was a pleasure meeting and chatting with you and glen a few weeks back...I hope you have many ,many more birthday's and you get to fish a lot more next season.
  7. Wow!!!! Awesome musky Chad! I can't wait to start hunting for those St. Lawrence muskies again next month. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Sorry...this was part of Vinces post. Could this be what they want to do? To let the Alewife population collapse to enable other natural bait numbers to increase and then the Atlantic's would prey on native bait .....not alewives which have that thiamine issue..which causes poor reproductive rates for Atlantics. I hope they just increase the numbers of kings to control the alewifepopulation. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. For those that continually bring up the risk of collapsing the bait, I say the biggest risk is going into another winter with the bait population so ridiculously high it could collapse due to UNDER predation. Instead of having enough food for a stable population of alewives, we may be looking at starving them out. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Good job sammyslayer...fished from shoreline out to 35 and struggled at all depths. The super hot bite was real good through saturday evening,lot's of reports with some amazing numbers of fish, but seemed to slow down or dissapear for a lot of guy's Easter sunday morning and Monday morning. Definately picked up again yesterday morning.
  11. Fished 3 mornings in a row from nine mile pt. all the way to north of selkirk. Had a real tough time finding any browns Easter Sun. and Monday...only a steelhead. Great weather conditions for all size boats,and there were a lot of boats out both sun and mon..(not many reports) Went back at it again yesterday,got soaked, and finally found some browns in a couple of areas only. I caught 7 browns and 1 small King (i think) on 10 bites. All small fish , none over 4 1/2 lbs. PIC top and bottom of tail spotted, black mouth, long anal fin
  12. Great Job Pete..sounds like you had a ball out there!!
  13. Tom, the Black Lake north of Watertown, had 28 inches of ice as of april 4th.... 18 of which was hard black ice. This was reported on ice shanty. There is a shop up there called Chapmans that sells bait and will give you current ice conditions. Good luck and be careful.
  14. Awesome Boat !! It's going to make someone real happy!
  15. Kevin....I'm becoming more optomistic for spring. I just checked the 10 day forecast for Oswego and it will be above freezing day and night for 7 days straight starting this thursday.
  16. Hi Glen ! No...but I plan on going there tuesday or wednesday and maybe the week-end too. See ya soon.
  17. Man ...You are going to be busy!! Looking forward to all your reports. Springtime is awesome.....there is so much to look forward to !!
  18. I'm trying to stay optomistc too Kevin! East end and the bays are not looking so good right now.But the birds are definately going into spring mode down here on the Delaware. Lot's of robins ,TV's, red wings, and the Honkers have been going bonkers staking out nesting sites . Turkey's have been doing their spring thing, gobbling and strutting for a few weeks too. Here are a couple of pictures I took yesterday of some turkeys hanging around my yard.... We'll be trolling somewhere soon ...might have to go west, or south a few miles !
  19. I fished saturday afternoon,last day of NY walleye. Well ,didn't slay them...but did manage to lose 2, land 2 keepers and 1 short to close the walleye season. It was an an enjoyable mid-day/afternoon...except for the weather! Rain, hail, snow and super windy !! 10 More Months to wait now , before we can ice fish for Walleye !!
  20. Wrong picture, this was my first musky ever...a little bigger than the other one
  21. I didn't post much last year during spring and summer....here are a few pics. I fished solo and caught a nice limit of 3 browns over 10lbs....13# 3oz, 11 1/4, 101/4..back to back to back 28# King Another solo trip..back to back to back Kings , 21 to 25 lbs. Not on Lake Ontario,but I could just about see it ...My first ever Musky...St. Lawrence River
  22. Like KJL said, the Burbot is different than a bowfin....but it was fun to bring in on the jigging rod panfisher!! I thought I had a real Big walleye on at first!! They do spawn this time of year...and I talked to some guy's and they said the Burbot tastes like Lobster !! I've never tried one,maybe if I catch another one, i'll try it.
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