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  1. nice looking buck Ray. I see you forgot your knife and drag rope. I hunted deer for 42 seasons , up until 3 years ago. Lot"s of fond memories...and some bloopers too..including forgetting my knife and rope a couple of times.One time after killing a buck,and realizing i had no knife, i used what i could find at an old abandoned campsite near where my buck dropped.....a ten penny nail to puncture his belly, shard of broken beer bottle glass in the old ashes to slice him open!!! No fun...but it worked!!.I had to use my belt around his neck to drag him out! Anyway....great season for you Ray.
  2. You are right Tim....The hatchery/fisheries biologists seem to think many of these tiny surplus steelies will make it ok. especially the larger ones .Plenty of insects and eggs for them to eat in the salmon river.They like to stock them in the spring when the conditions are not so harsh, and the fish are a little older and larger by then to fend for themselves in the wild.They told me the young steelies will live in the river system for 2 years before heading to the lake....unless summer conditions get to warm. Then Many will find spring holes , or head to the cooler river feeder brooks, while some might venture to the big lake earlier than planned.Anyway, any of the surplus fish that make it will be a bonus for us all...both out in the lake , and when they return up the river. They must know that the river and lake can handle extra thousands of fish without disrupting the balance.The fishing out in the lake , and in many of the tribs has been unbelievable the last few years....they are doing a great job ,.... and I hope the fishing continues to be terrific for many years to come.
  3. Happy birthday musky Bob.....I hope you have many more! [ Post made via Android ]
  4. Nice buck!! [ Post made via Android ]
  5. Just got off the phone with the SR hatchery....there was a large surplus of steelhead...about 250,000 ....so they decided to stock them in the SR. These little steelies did well growing at the hatchery, with very few problems with diseases.So there was a surplus. I'm not sure what the survival rate is stocking them this time of year....but. hopefully many will make it . [ Post made via Android ]
  6. I read on another site that the salmon river was just stocked with tens of thousands of extra steelhead.I actually caught/foul hooked a few of the tiny little parr marked cuties.I'm not sure if that number is correct, or that they were an extra , surplus stocking...i did not call the hatchery, but there are a ton of them in the upper river. [ Post made via Android ]
  7. Real nice buck Ray. [ Post made via Android ]
  8. Jakey...on the lam is right about some pass throughs not killing the buck.But if you are still hunting that same area, keep your eyes and ears open.Crows and ravens could lead you to your buck if he did die. Also hang around that area after dark and listen for those coyotes...they WILL find him if he died and their howls could lead you to him too.At least you get the rack.I'm sure you checked any water, creek, stream, pond, swamps, puddles etc. in that area...they often are found in or along water after being wounded.....good luck [ Post made via Android ]
  9. I had this buck shadowing one of my pet does sat afternoon into sunday.....round and round my house and yard....he let me get within 20yds at one point [ Post made via Android ]
  10. Mostlymuskies....is capt. frank and family staying near staten island or n.j.? I'm workimg in north jersey and could drop off some clothes, food or anything they might need. Let me know. [ Post made via Android ]
  11. pull out your old battery powered 8 track player and listen and dance with the misses to some old Hank or other favorites.......clean all your rifles and shotguns....drink some more beer....invite some buddies over and watch re-runs of hee haw and fhe dukes of hazzard...drink more beer....take a ride to a Wal - Mart that is open, and get all your christmas shopping done early...and while your there , buy your first pair of them shiny , hard sunday shoes....sew patches on your jeans, and sew the holes on the inside of your pants pockets, fom carrying around screws and nuts and cotter pins etc....sharpen your knives....drink more beer...put. some waterproofing grease on your huntin boots...shoot some cans or plastic milk jugs...if no animals in your yard, go road huntin'.....drink more beer...have fun, you'll never get bored with no power out in the country Pete.[ Post made via Android ]
  12. Happy Birthday Pete....I hope you have many more. [ Post made via Android ]
  13. You are right on that sea squirrel.....but Pete is only half red....he'll get there. I sure don't pay for no garbage service. My bags and bottles and junk get loaded into my jeep in the a.m......then hauled to work and I throw them in the dumpster at work!! Don't use my barrel to much anymore....bears keep knocking it over and root through the ashes and burnt out cans and stuff. But they'll be sleeping in a couple months from now up my way.BTW Pete, be sure to have some target practice on that 55 gallon burning barrel.....50 or 100 random holes in it will get good air circulation for a fire...and poke some holes into it with a pick or a hard bar. [ Post made via Android ]
  14. Hey Pete...... i hope all is well in your new house.....sleeping well etc.. If you have to leave any garbage, or re-cyclables outside, make up a spray bottle of bleach and spray the garbage inside the bag, tie the bag shut, then spray the outside of the bag when you get put it outside. Spray your bottles and cans in the re-cylables too. Animals seem to stay clear of all my garbage when i spray it with bleach.( mark the spray bottle"bleach"...it works really well Pete. [ Post made via Android ]
  15. Pete...you are closer to being a redneck than you might think.....lets see, you like guns , you hunt and fish and don't mind guttin' either one, you now live in the country, you like to drive fast and power brake and take turns at a high rate of speed like the nascar guys , very protective of your family, friends , and fishin spots , you enjoy grillin' and chillin .....and you like drinkin beer!!! You're halfway there Pete......when you change the name of your boat from"on the lam" to ......................."on the lamb" , we'll know you"re getting close!! .....only kidding. Good luck Pete. [ Post made via Android ]
  16. Pete....you might never become a real"red" redneck...but you can become a guy with redneck tendencies. One day , a few years from now ,after shopping at wal-mart ,you"ll stop and say to yourself " I'm a doggone redneck".I got them tendencies Pete....I have even killed rattlesnakes in my yard with a golf club, a shovel , a pinch bar and a pogo stick! Not to mention a shotgun and 22 !! You 're gonna have a blast living the red neck life Pete. [ Post made via Android ]
  17. Pete.....you can fit in and tag along and be accepted and become an instant redneck....get yourself a beat up john deere or nascar hat and duct tape on the top of it half of one of those sticky fly strips . The more flys that are stuck to it the better!! Also rednecks would approve if you take the scenic logging roads into town for a viewing at the funeral parlor on your Honda atv . [ Post made via Android ]
  18. Congrats on the move Pete......your gonna love country life. Old pickup truck is a good idea, unplowed snow covered dirt roads , potholes, etc. They are great for lhauling your deer, firewood, roadkills , with plenty of room for towchains and shovels and a come-a-long too.Like it was said, peeing off the porch and you can also air dry in the buff on the porch after a nice hot shower.Your gonna have a real mailbox with a red flag ,on a post out by the road Pete. And you can chek your mail just wearing your boxer shorts! Make sure you get a generator, power will be out a lot and your gonna have to keep your refrigerator running to keep that beer cold!Save some empty Genny bottles and you can pour your favorite brew into them ...your neighbors won't know what fancy micro brew your swiggin ! Lol.Don't forget to wear some old dirty, well worn work boots all year long when you are around the locals and when you head into town Pete. You will fit right in...also maybe try some chew! Good luck Pete...enjoy the fresh air....moonlit nights... wildlife....starfilled night sky...peace and. quiet..... sunrises and sunsets...and i hope you are a little closer to Oswego! [ Post made via Android ]
  19. Hey tugger..no problem. Yea, tons of bait...they don't have to feed very long to fill their bellies! But....they do have to feed.So good luck to you next time out, and let us know how you make out. [ Post made via Android ]
  20. After doing well on fri ., i decided to try again sat evening. Tried 4 locations but couldn't find them....or couldn' t get them to bite.very calm, no breeze. I did catch a sheepie, rock bass and a pickerel on a jig before dark. Very small bait in. all 3 eyes on fri.... [/url. [ Post made via Android ]
  21. Her are a couple of pics ( i hope) ....tiny baitfish in all 3 fish. [ Post made via Android ]
  22. Waded the north shore thiS evening and had to make several stops before i fojnd them..All bites came on a small yo zuri with no rattles. My usual sticks got no hits. The shallow water night bite is picking up for sure. I kept 3 nice eaters.Nice night for wading...calm and light misty drizzle. I can' t get the pic to show up [ Post made via Android ]
  23. Like i said replying to your sequal video....awesome!!! I was wondering if you were using any scent products on the spoons or flies? [ Post made via Android ]
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