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  1. That yammy sounds like a great deal they are great motors.The 4 strokes are so quiet and sip gas.With controls and elec. start, that's a steal.When I'm ready to upgrade you can help me.I'm always looking at motors on the web looking for that dream deal.I saw this it's not a t-4 but I like the looks of it.It might save you a couple of bucks.http://www.glangler.com/framepages/motorsforsale.html
  2. Just saw this long drive 4.5 hrs for you?9.9 johnson boat motor - $350 (butler) Date: 2010-02-25, 1:53PM EST Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?] think the motor is a 1990 or 1991 it is in good condition and i had it running this week used it all of last year it is a long shaft come see make me and offer just bought a new motor thank you jerry call 724 496-3782 or home 724-283-8035 Pittsburgh craigslist price is right.maybe junk?
  3. I have to agree with Chowder .I have 1990 15hp Evinrude long shaft ,in rough seas on the Big O it would grab a little air on the prop on the crest of a wave and almost swamp on the troth.It's not so bad now I have a alum. boat it rides much higher in the water.On my glass boat it would almost swamp.My Evinrude has elec. Start .That thing has run like a Swiss watch,for years and has never skipped a beat.You get the right set up with your kicker and steering and for me it has been the best investment I have made for my boat.I did what Chowder said when I installed mine. I line the Cavitation plate up with each other with my motor trimmed down and that was about perfect.But that was outboard to outboard.
  4. SinDale I'm with you I think the last thing I would put on it is carpet.I haven't used it on a boat but I would go with frp Fiber reinforced plastic.It comes in 4x8 sheets.It's easy to work with it can be cut with a plywood blade in a circular saw just put the blade in backwards.It dose not hold moisture like carpet,and your hooks don't get stuck in it.You can get frp at Lowes or home depot.I Have only seen it there in white and yellow.If you go to Henrietta Building Supply you can order other colors.If it were me while at (HBS)I would get 1 5eights galvinized metal studs and track to reframe it,as long as it is not in contact with alum.or other metal that it could react with.Yes over a long time it may leave rust stains but it will hold up a lot better than wood,much liter than wood easy to conform to curves.You can get it in heavier gauges 18 Gauge is real nice to work with.I built a casting platform in my freinds boat and it and turned out nice and has held up great,and was much liter than using wood.For the sheeting I wood use exterior plywood the frp will keep it dry.Leave your plywood up 1/4 " to keep it out of the water the frp will cover the voids.This is just my thoughts I am sure there will be some - feed back but I have done a few boat projects and have had good results.Good luck.
  5. Looking for Big Jon parts.I need a new base that the boom mounts to.It is worn out making the boom tilt backwards.(worn out from catching to many fish Ha Ha)Switch cover broke and end pulley broke.Has any one ever replaced the end pulley ? Whats involved.The base is the main thing I need,everything else I can get from Big Jon. (older model with 4ft. Tilt up boom)Thanks
  6. Dose this mean your changing your user name.lol Congrats Glad your back in the game.
  7. Fished 2/20 with two friends boated six steelhead lost two at the boat,between 5 to 9 lbs. Two Lake trout one about 9 or 10 lbs. one about 14lbs.and one Brown.Fished all day,Fishing was a little slow,but nice mix.All fish caught on Quickfish.Nice day on the water great to boat fish again.Nice to see open water instead of looking down a 8in. hole.
  8. I don't agree with killing muskies. but it is not illegal to use perch in NY for bait as long as you count them towards your daily limit and you do not transport them by motor vehicle,and they are used in same body of water.
  9. The Niagara River has had good runs the last 2 years.The run is at the end of April beginning of May.You are allowed 8 quarts a day per person.I have done good at Artpark in Lewiston.Watch Bill Hilts Reports in April to find out when run begins.
  10. 3 Boat Motors For Sale - $750 (Conesus) Date: 2010-02-10, 10:08PM EST Reply to: see below 15 Horsepower Johnson Outboard Motor Long Shaft 1979 Low hours With tank and hose Recently serviced Runs good $400 or best offer 6 Horsepower Twin Johnson Runs good $200 9.9 Mariner Runs but needs work $150 or best offer $750 for all Will separate Call 585-346-6599 or 585 278-3459
  11. There is a pair of uni-troll 10 on www.glangler.com go to swap meet under fishing tackle,Mics.riggers listed 2/14 Was $350.00 up for offer.
  12. Post subject: 15 Hp outboard Evinrude motor for sale PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:04 pm Offline Joined: Tue Sep 29, 2009 10:50 pm Posts: 2 Hi everyone * $ 400.00 * takes it away I have a 1989 15 HP Evinrude outboard mortor for sale This is a long shaft Over 125lb compression PULL START -- NOT ELECTRIC but one can be installed Two 5gal steel gas tanks New Fuel line with bulb pump This is very clean I promiss you will not be dissapointed in her condition - or performance Sorry No Photos at this time I am located in wyoming county E-mail me [email protected] if your intrested JK PS soon at it is Sold I will mark it sold here so every one knows
  13. 1994 8 hp johnson outboard - $750 (irondequoit) Date: 2010-02-12, 12:26AM EST Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?] 1994 short shaft 8 hp outboard motor with less than 25 hours use. This motor has been stored properly for 12 years and only used a few times. Motor looks and runs as new.Comes with original 3 gal metal gas tank and hose. this would be a great buy at 1/3 the cost of a new one.this motor is mint.call 585-520-5117.sorry no pics. I know it's not exactly what your looking for but it sounds like a good deal. Rochester craigslist 2/12
  14. My friend in Florida has one I have fished out of it many times.His is a bit older.His is a walk around cuddy with 225 hp.It is a good boat but it rides a little rough in choppy water. It is pretty flat on the bottom slaps the water a little when choppy.They have a good reputation.They are almost the same as a Grady White.
  15. Trolling82 I have used ez steer for about 10 or 12 years. I have been pretty happy with it.I have a extra standard steering tube that adjusts from 23 to 36in.I don't have the hardware for the motors.I would let go for $60.00 if this would help.It sells for around $160.00.Kicker hardware is about $75.00 online I don't know how much for outdrive connection.If you are interested you can pm me.
  16. Perch fishing has been nonstop action,but it is tough to get anything over 8in.mostly 5in.Fish east side in 30+ft.Ice held up good 6to10in.Just be careful near the edges.Pike fishing has been good on the ends of the lake,those Little perch make pretty good bait have gotten 10 and 12 pounder in the last couple weeks on 5in. perch.
  17. I may be intrested could you send me piture or call me with a discription.Withmeasurements Sean(585)237-5972 thanks.
  18. 96" Aluminum Trac, 2 Pedestals, 2 Snap Bases, End Caps w/ 4 Rod Holders Never been used, brand new in the box! $125.00 your price, (Cabela's price $289.99)
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