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  1. I've had guys try to net fish from the tail forward... that never works well.
  2. Lower unit from a 1996 Evinrude 9.9 Four Stroke. Freshly rebuilt. Has a shaft for a 20" case but can be changed easily by a marine mechanic. Fits many years and models including 15hp. Asking $350. Located in VT but frequently in the Oswego area. Call (802)349-4337 ask for Mike
  3. Here ya go: gotta love ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/YAMAHA-STERNDRIVE-1995-V8-5-7-EXHAUST-MANIFOLD-ELBOWS-RISERS-HOSES-ASSEMBLY-/271389862130?pt=Boat_Parts_Accessories_Gear&hash=item3f3018a8f2&vxp=mtr#ht_44wt_1153
  4. I see there is a conversion kit available for it. Not sure if it will help but here it is. http://www.partspak.com/ProductCart/pc/Sierra-18-19871-Manifold-Conversion-Kit-p130283.htm here is where I found the info http://boatsunlimitedny.com/yamaha_sterndrive.htm
  5. Captain Ken is the authority on Yamaha sterndrives. I had one for 10 years and she ran solid. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. I'll do that. Although, they don't list any speed temp units on their website any longer. Thanks for the info.
  7. I have an older Cannon speed-n-temp unit that I love. But, my probe has started to leak water into the battery compartment. I've tried new gaskets on the battery cover. My cover is pretty beat up. Anyone have a battery cover or a probe they wanna sell?? I have a brand new depth raider in the box but I really love my SNT unit so changing out is a last resort. Thanks
  8. I have a Furuno FCV-667 with bracket and power cord. NO TRANSDUCER. Transducer was left in boat when unit removed. It powers up. Looking to get $100 for it. I can deliver it to Oswego within the next couple weekends or can ship it at buyers expense. Call/text me at (802)342-0186 for pics or if interested. Thanks, Leon
  9. Wright's landing in Oswego always has slips. You can rent by the day or season/half season. Very clean and safe marina
  10. My kicker had the same problem. When it heated up it would lose spark. Once it cooled down it would fire right back up and run for a while. Ended up being the stator. I scored one on ebay for $25 and she was good as new. A new stator was around $200.
  11. I have an entire leg (upper and lower) off a pre-alpha mercruiser 4 cylinder. If I'm not mistaken I believe that the units may be interchangeable. The engine blew in the boat so we stripped it and scrapped the ole girl. Let me know. The unit is located near Glens Falls.
  12. I'm interested, I'll send a p.m. [ Post made via Android ]
  13. Let's just get something straight Darius1958. We had a purchase arrangement but you had not actually purchased anything from me. Indeed these downriggers were stolen from a storage locker. I called your cell phone, left you with my personal cell number and sent you a p.m. on this forum. I believe I did the best for you considering the situation. If you'd like to discuss this more you can p.m. me, call me or meet me at Wright's Landing this Thursday-Sunday.
  14. As of right now, I still have all 4 riggers. I have had some inquiries about the 2 with extension booms but no definite takers yet. The downriggers are located in Rutland Vt and I will be in Oswego from 8/15-8/19. If anyone wants to make the drive to pick them up I will let the whole lot go for $1000 firm. If I haven't sold them by the 15th I will bring them with me to Oswego and sell them as pairs or as a whole lot. Send a P.M. if you are interested.
  15. 2 have 5' fixed booms and 2 have slide-out booms not sure of the age They are Canon Digi-troll IV
  16. We have 4 Digi-trolls for sale. Long booms. Came off a boat we stripped. Also comes with 3 swivel bases. I will post pics tonight or tomorrow. $1600 for everything. Send a P.M. if interested. Thanks, Leon
  17. I have 4 of these riggers. Someone recently had 4 for sale on here and said parts were readily available. I sent him an email asking him where to get these parts. He gave me a phone number of a charter captain's in Frankfort, Michigan. They directed me to a tackle shop in Frankfort and I never heard back. I recently retrofitted a Cannon head on my rigger to use coated cable. The aluminum stock head was ripping off the coating so I removed the thimble and then decided to replace the whole head with a Cannon. It works great. Just had to trim it down a bit but it functions perfectly with my coated cable. I also am looking for a replacement knob for my rigger since I lost one in the Hudson River this May. If I find any more info I'll send you a P.M. p.s. I have the stock head if you strike out.
  18. Is this a long shaft or short shaft? If it's a long shaft I am interested
  19. I'm betting that he went with Reel Fun. I heard Captain Dave on the radio talking about 2 fish on 1 rod.. There were about 6 boats out there on Sunday morning.
  20. I was fishing about 3 miles north of the speedboat accident on Saturday afternoon. We saw the speed boats running around and then we saw the sheriffs boat go down but heard nothing on the radio. We only found out about the missing guy when we went to Lodi Point to trailer the boat and we were told of the accident. Sad, at that speed you should always weat a PFD.
  21. I have witnessed the "NO" to spin doctors. We were under power coming from nearly Sputterville when the topic of Spin Doctors came up. Without warning, Sput grabbed a new in the package spin dr. and threw it off the boat. I nearly dove in after it. The truth is.... Sput uses them now and last year he got a tip about a special spinny/tape combo and it worked. It is so named " The Sputter Special" in certain circles. p.s. Sput farts a lot!!!
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