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  1. Thanks Sent from my SM-G928V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Hey Andy did they put the bridge on red dock yet? Sent from my SM-G928V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Hi I have a 25 foot triton with a hardtop . I want to put 4g radar on it, but don't know if i can mount it right to the hard top or do i need a riser ? Thanks Jersey Jim
  4. I'm looking for a track system but don't know witch one to buy . Cannon,traxstech,bert's does it really matter, any input will help. Thanks Jersey Jim
  5. Some of the red dock crew have house boats and there fishing boat . this is real nice on those blow days and rainy day . they seem to always have a full stocked bar also . Jersey Jim
  6. Happy Birthday ! Can't wait to see you stumbling down the dock again. Jersey Jim
  7. Great video, That guy sounds just like on-the-lam Pete when we are tournament fishing ! It's sounds like the same language any . lol Jersey Jim
  8. Thanks Glen , Can't wait to get back on the water . Jersey Jim
  9. What a nice deer, congrats ! It's nice to see a brother and sister enjoying the same sport . Jersey Jim
  10. Sorry I wasn't there Al ! Great way to end the season, I hope you can remember it . Jersey Jim
  11. Happy birthday buddy hope to see you on the dock next week. Jersey Jim
  12. Hopefully someone can help me . I have a lowrance lcx 104c , I was told that you can't get this transducer anymore . I need 50/200 with temp. and it has a black connector. I'm looking at the airmar p66 will this connect into my unit ? Thanks Jersey Jim
  13. As a friend and a team mate of Pete,we had a hell of a day -one of the worst ones to date . As we where backing into his slip, Glen aka our auto pilot was on the swim platform and slipped off . Pete and 2 Rod Jim both jumped into the water to save him, mind you Jim is our oldest member on the team . My hat goes off to the both of them for jumping in after our good friend Glen . After all was said and done and after a couple of beers, we decided Glen has to where his swimmies on the boat from now on ! Glad you're alright Glen and nobody else got hurt. Jersey Jim
  14. Thanks for the report . Glad to see some silver moving into o town . Weekend can't come soon enough. Jersey Jim
  15. Hate to see a good friend hurt. Glad your alright Glen get that hand ready for next weekend. Ice cold beer on those fingers should do the trick. Jersey Jim
  16. Happy birthday Gray . I guess this weekend you'll have your cooler packed with cold ones. Wait that's every weekend ! Jersey Jim
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