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  1. Ooops, my bad, not complaining though.
  2. here some pics from growing up, and a couple recent pics.
  3. That's a good day for 2 1/2 hours of fishing. It's great to see kids getting out there. I put in a few hours in the morning 6/14, caught one LL and had another release. Both on sliders. Also saw the first water fleas of the season . I cut across from meyers and trolled down to the yacht club and back up to taughannock falls. Was there less debri in the water toward Millikan? Out from meyers was horrible. tight lines!
  4. I asked in an earlier post, but I would like to donate some $$ for food for the event. I'm new and want to do my part. thanks!
  5. I'll be on the south end, probably launch from meyers.
  6. I have caught lakers through the ice after dark, and i try to get on the water for trolling a good 1/2-1 hour before sunrise. I have been thinking about going out a couple hours early and dropping down some glow spoons. Has anyone had any luck in the dark? This would be in the fingerlakes. I have also heard stories of my Great Grandfather going out after dark with a lantern to attract the baitfish, and the trout would follow. It's something i plan on trying this year, let me know if it would be a waiste of my time. Thanks!
  7. I fish out of a 14' fiberglass (hence lil' troller), and I use regular double planer boards. I have not used in-line planers much, but when I did I wasn't impressed. The guys I went out with that day were new to trolling, and had 3 line breaks at the release for the in-line boards. I'm sure that this was because they were probably cheap boards, or they were set up wrong. So if you go that route do your home work first. Another thing i didn't like is having to fight the board and the fish. So in my opinion, if you can mount a mast and have room to store the boards, i would say go with the double planers. After the boards are out it's fast set up time and reliable releases.
  8. Justin, Seneca marine in Watkins Glen had a good stock of them last weekend.
  9. You can count me in. When do you guys usually start/end. Also where can i send a donation. Thanks!
  10. i have no way of measuring my speed but i would say i was trolling 2-3 mph, pretty quick. I was running my lines about 200' back and 50' out off the planer boards. most of the action was twards the middle of the south end in 15'-20' of water. the rainbow colored thunderstick jr. did most of the catching. all on shallow diving stick baits. As i said earlier this was 2 weeks ago, and thing change alot this time of year. Early bite seems to be alot better. I may get out during the week this week, i'll keep you guys posted. P.S. if you are trolling down to .5 mph make sure that your lures still have action at that speed, not many do. I always check the action next to the boat before i send a lure out. If the lures not working, it's not going to help you much.
  11. wow! Thats a great day of fishing. a 33" rainbow in the fingerlakes is somthing to be proud of. Good job!
  12. two weeks ago I had good luck on the west shore on the south end in 150' on bottom with green and black alpena diamonds for lakers. The lakes seem to be rolling over though, so the right depth will be changing. if you stay on the east shore, i would head north. the bottom contour is hard to follow south of myers, and I never had much luck there. Like i said that was 2 weeks ago, and colors change by the day. I would say troll on bottom @ 120' to start. Greeen and black, purple and black, blue and black, have always been good colors. If you are going for browns, rainbows I would suggest the south end. two weeks ago I had steady action off the planer boards in 15', they should be moving deeper now. rainbow colored stick baits, silver and black and green/firetiger, were hot then. let me know how you do. Tight Lines!
  13. thanks ray, but as of now my boats not big enough for lake ontario. I have gone up with one of my dads buddys for the eslo derby. I'm keeping to the smaller lakes with my boat. I plan on doing the red cross derby, and i see plans for the lou-all derby on cayuga. Thanks!
  14. I did the lake trout derby on seneca this weekend and had a blast. I'm looking for a good resorce for finding tourneys in the fingerlakes. I fish the eastern fingerlakes mostly(cayuga, owasco, skinny), but i'm willing to travel. also any pointers are always welcome thanks! Tight lines!
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