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  1. thanks biglaker. I'm stuffed and off to bed after two thanksgivings today. I missed out on some hunting and fishing, but good food and time with family it makes up for it today. Good luck to everyones hunting and fishing seasons this winter.
  2. how about this one http://www.anglingmasters.com/index.asp ... ve=7&id=22
  3. We left from Treman a little after 8 a.m. and trolled north. made a couple passes on the south end an picked up a laker and landlock. We pulled and ran to t-falls and trolled up to AES and back. we picked up another laker and landlock before the front came through and everything shut down. We lost a few more, but ended up keepin two lakers and a landlock. We had a youngster on board to real in all the fish and he had a great time. It was slower than we had hoped, but still not a bad day. Water temp was 50-51, and we had hits on just about everything we had down on the riggers and wire. we ran the planer board on the south end with no luck with 4 color and flat lines. Theres still some weed issues on the lake, but better than it was a month ago. We also cleaned off a rod and reel behind the planer board after it went over the side. Fortunatly the release got wrapped up and we were able to hand line it back. We had a good time and hopfully we can get out a few more times this fall.
  4. Launched at long point and started trolling near Aurora trolled south past long point hooked a few dinks. we cut across to sheldrake where we had steady action, but still all dinks. we got sick of the small fish pulled up and ran to t-falls where the temp was messed up. had to go down 120ft to get 52. we trolled north and didn't see much action untill we hit the scout camp. We did good there and made a few pases back through before calling it a day. All dinks all day. We did 1 laker(legal but small and released)3 rainbows and 11 salmon. Out of 15 fish we had one keeper landlock and that was it for the day. Where did all the big guys go? Even through the quality of fish wasn't there we had a good time and great weather. But most importantly I learned something. When running a spinny/fly combo behind a dipsy, one sure fire way to catch more fish is to clip the spinny/fly to the dipsy before throwing it over the side .
  5. Nice browns. You had a good season this year. Hopefully we will still make a few more trips out, but the fall leaves and cool air is here. Its the best time of year. Hunting and trapping just around the corner, good fishing through fall and into winter. Then there is icefishing. I can't wait.
  6. We got them heavy sunday also. I heard you need 70 degree water for fleas, but we had a surface temp of 67-68 and were loaded up with fleas. a few weeks ago the surface temp was warmer and the fleas were almost gone. They are a P.I.T.A.
  7. i'm in with the old man "quality time" as far as the fishing, there will be some good fish on the board this year. I think you will need over 10lb to place, but thats just my prediction(for trout/salmon). We will be putting in some hours too. Hopefully hard work pays off. Good luck!
  8. ....I hope it wasn't Udder failure..... I think he's milking it out untill after the derby chowder, i still think you will be dialed in this weekend. I'm sure we'll see you in the money. The old man and I will be working hard this week and hopefully get in the game. I've got a good feeling about this one. good luck to everyone!
  9. I'm set for the weekend now, thanks everyone for the info.
  10. i know sunday the lake was all mixed up temps all over the place. Lakers are starting to move to thier spawning grounds. the lakers we caught sunday were real dark pre-spawn females. Rod, are you going to be in the B&B tourney this weekend?
  11. I had a good time too, would have got out earlier today but i slept through my alarm this mornin lol. hopfully we get the kicker starting better if not we will get to see if my 5hp honda will push our boat. we'll be fishing hard next week. I'll fill you in before the B&B.
  12. Headed out of meyers this afternoon, ran into Frisco at the launch. We headed south out of myers and went to set up by the yacht club. Took us atleast an hour or more to get the kicker started. Started with our usual program with no success. We decided to slow things down and use our old set up from back in the day. We had warm water on the west side so we cut across to the east where we found 50-52 water down 70ft. trolled down by the shale cliffs with cowbells down 60 over 200ft @1.5-1.75 and hooked up with a 9lb14oz laker. then we hit a laker on the wire with a purple spinny and purple fly that was around 8 lbs. both those fish were released healthy . we took one more on the cowbells around 5lbs that is heading for the dinner table. lots of weeds, and lots of fleas. It was slow but we kept pulling up our lures full of weeds, so i'm sure that was part of it. First time on the south end in a long time, but well worth the trip. All in all a good day for an afternoon trip.
  13. trying to find a slip for next weekend. Meyers said they don't rent for the weekends only seasonal, and fingerlakes marine is full. Anyother ideas? We plan on fishing AES, sheldrake, long point area.
  14. I was hoping to get out last night or today but the old mans tow vehicle is down, and my trailer isn't inspected for my boat. We will be ready for the B&B though. I have i'm off from Wed so hopfully i get next weekend and a few days before to get dialed in again. It's killing me to miss a weekend, but it happens i guess. Good luck and keep them comin'!
  15. Those are some great fish there Sean. Lakers are fun but its always great to get into the bows and browns. I'm guessing that big bow did some good fighting. I lost one at the net fishing by myself on cayuga last spring that would have gone 10+ and it still haunts me lol. great job! 25 fish on a cold front day is just awsome!
  16. great job, thats a really nice bow! I know Dave had a good time he was talking about it all night. The old man was out there friday too. He said he was clearing weeds all day. They started at AES and trolled up past long point. Hopefully the weeds pick a side. Good luck this weekend!
  17. well i'm 27 so i missed those years, but i know what you are talking about. I spend my time fishing, hunting, and trapping. I work hard, and have worked up to 32, 12 hour days strait, no days off. I am married, own a house, and a decent paying job(although the hours and schedule make it hard to plan anything with the wife). A guy (maybe i should say kid) i work with who is older than myself and still lives with his parents called into work the other day because he was too tired, he only got three hours of sleep!!!! If i can get out of work go fishing and come back home long enough to get three hours of sleep before i go back to work I call that a good day. Did it saturday actually. He proceeded to back his story up by saying he couldn't stay awake after his buddy came over to play video games on the day he called in. My generation frustrates me. You hardly ever see kids into the outdoors anymore, and for those who are i hope you stick to it and protect what we have and share. Soo many people are missing out on things that are just off thier back porch. If you are against hunting, trapping, or fishing that is fine with me. Everyone has a right to thier own opinion, but get out there and enjoy what we have while we have it. I'm glad i was raised to work hard and enjoy the little things in life. Thing have changed a lot since the years you grew up in, it makes you wonder how far it will go. Anyway, I liked the post. tight lines
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