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  1. wish i could help ya Andy but we got a couple guests to do the reelin this weekend. I could help you with the smoked fish and venison see you at the weigh in
  2. Wayne your a buzzkill lol. Copper is a lot of fun (when the newbe is reeling it in ) But i agree that a wirediver is the best set up on Cayuga. We did well with copper in the spring but the divers do better now. We seem to do big fish on the copper though. I think the copper is more of a "Quality Time" initiation . Actually who has fished with us and not reeled in the copper . You won't see many hands there lol.
  3. It's called fishing not catching and at least the perch kept the skunk out. Its all part of the game.
  4. That seneca special spinny seems to be in a lot of pics lately. Looks like some happy clients.
  5. Hey Aaron, i heard there was another 16 pounder last weekend
  6. It was a great weekend to be out. Its a great tourney and hopefully next year they get everthing set before they send the rules and pay outs to everyone. We threw back a 9.5 laker, but it will be a nice one next year. We were on the board anyway so no big deal here. My mom got out with us both days and she got to land one over 8# and a few others. We had a good weekend and put some good fish in the boat. Sat. we did 21 with two fish over 8# and our 9th place 9.96, and sunday did the 9.5 who had a lucky day and didn't keep track of numbers but probably 12 or so. We tried a silver fish set up later sunday and just hit short salmon and a rainbow. I guess the next event is the LOU-ALL so i'll see you there. P.S. did your dad throw those bananas in your boat like i told him to
  7. Thats great! I know you wanted her first time out to be a good one, I'm pretty sure you delivered. Thats a hell of a bow! Ben
  8. awsome laker, i should say lakers! two great fish there. great to hear they went back down for another day!
  9. ohh no eskimo joe is in again, we better just hand over the money now
  10. the old man and i will be there if we aren't working, count "quality time" in
  11. it's about time your old man finally got hooked up out there. That spot is hit or miss always is. It will be shutting down in a few weeks or so. Thats still a good day. I'm sure we'll see you out there one of these weekends. Ben
  12. Awsome! Its great to see kids getting out there. Although i have to say I'm a little jealous. I'm sure my hands will never be at the helm of a parker anytime soon . Looks like a great day, i'm glad everyone had a good time. You set the standard out there, keep it up! Ben
  13. sounds like a good day(besides the tow and the net), i can't wait to be back out there.
  14. I guess i need to figure out those browns before next year lol.
  15. What a weekend. It was tough fishing, but we got to meet a few of you guys and had a great time. Congats to Stouter who placed his dad 5th in lakers . Big fish friday was a good warm up event, and a good time for some pre derby B.S. (thats just like regular B.S. without speed, depth, or color being mentioned lol). Also Congrats to lil jake for taking home the trophy and Jennings who won it . We never seemed to get a pattern out of it. We had a hot spoon on Sunday, but that was the only day it worked. Good job to all those who placed. I'm so glad I'll be back on Cayuga again Ben
  16. yeah that was us we were heading back to weigh in a couple fish an had to get clear of hookjaw and leave you enough room. like you said, people did a good job of giving others room this weekend from what we saw.
  17. Nice lakers there, we passed you a few times. Slow but steady for us today, hit some better ones sat. but nothing on the board at the end. It was a nice weekend to be out anyway. I enjoy the B&B tourneys. Glad to see you got some for the smoker. Ben
  18. You did Awsome Rob! To place two fish in a 5 place payout is great. I love the picture of the hot dogs grilling lol. There was another boat out that we though was you untill we passed it, I almost hit you on the radio to see if we could send a planerboard over and have you throw a few franks on there for us lol. The rocket launcher and kicker are a great addition to your ride. keep it up
  19. Awsome day, don't get bummed out on the timing. Great fish there!
  20. looks like you had a good time. The old man and I have a saying. "you can run any color you want as long as its green" lol. Its nice to see some people out for a fun day, thats what its all about. Keep it up! Ben
  21. Quality Time can always use some more lines. We got our new rod holders and kicker motor out today. We poked around sheldrake and the north end for a bit. I think the cold front screwed things up, but we should be in good shape for a while. Are you fishing the B&B? Glad you got things figured out. Ben
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