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  1. i see more tackle boxes than there was when i rode with you, does your wife know about this? The numbers will come with time, but you have been getting into some quality fish this year. Sounds like your daughter is catching the bug now too. keep it up!
  2. as soon as the sun came up we saw the string of bouys across the lake and many boats lining up, i asked on the radio about it and i believe it was splitshot filled us in on the swim. they were all the way across the lake and we ran through there before light. I guess i shouldn't complain we were on the fish at first light, the only boat down there and the lake was closed off from the north . they were picked up a little after 9am, but hitting a bouy at 30mph would have been bad.
  3. well i have fished skinny but i'm no expert. I did well on perch or firetiger patterns in the past because perch is the baitfish there. If you launch at the state park run south past the point and there is a big white house in the "bay" of that area. I did good infront of that place in 90- 120 FOW but that was a few years ago so things may have changed. needle fish spoons worked well on that lake so i would keep the spoons small(they work on big fish too, trust me). I'm sure a few more guys will chime in with better info. I love that lake but it has been a while for me. Best of luck to you, tight lines! Ben
  4. thats a nice salmon, a big male at that. too bad you couldn't make it to weigh in, I bet it put up a good fight. Its all for fun anyway.
  5. congrats on the slam ERABBIT we are still waiting for ours, we are usually missing the brown, we catch browns and guess what we lose the rainbow lol. If we would have landed the bow we would have had a salmon over 5 lbs, a laker over 7lbs, a brown just under 7lbs and that bow as the old man said was a solid 8 maybe more. would have made for one hell of a slam but our day will come.
  6. that was the best day we ever had for browns. Never really put the time into it though. You forgot to mention the laker we caught in 72 degree water! It was great to have my mom and 1dogshy out with us. Maybe we should do the brown thing more often.
  7. Thanks for having me on sunday. Great day, but the last hour made it one to remember. If you ever want to get out on Cayuga just let me know.
  8. Just stay on the north side deans or long point and keep on eye on things. You shouldn't have anything over 3' on the side the wind is coming from and as long as it isn't blowing strait down the lake it shouldn't be bad. The day we had 4-5' we were fishing the south end with the wind out of the north strait down the lake. Just need to pay attention. Plus i never trust the weatherman anyway .
  9. plus it wouldn't go that deep it would still be in our catching range lol
  10. don't get any ideas old man. . actually go for it, no electric reels though
  11. you could fit a lot of copper on that reel, lol
  12. nice Rollie, be sure to post pics of the finished work, your brown turned out great! who does you fish mounts?
  13. How come everyone we get started catch bigger fish than us . Those who can't do teach Nice fish, keep it up How big was that laker?
  14. nice job!.. the old man and i might have noticed your spoons after the lou all but your dad did a good cover-up and said they weren't the spoons you were running lol! goood to see you out making happy clients.
  15. we probably passed you as we were in the area. We broke our EZ steer heading south after passing AES so we ran south and trolled with the wind with the tiller. We did 7 lakers and 3 salmon and pulled out around 10:30, so it was a decent day. Thats not a good situation being in the water between the dock and the boat, good thing you guys were there (at least for the free ) Ben
  16. Awsome job Hal! Those are some nice fish you put in the boat
  17. This is something we have tried a few times and would really like to figure out but haven't had any luck with it.
  18. Did you get your engine issues sorted out?
  19. that beter not mean what I think it does!
  20. just so you know quality time and i are on the same boat in case some of you are adding up enty fees.
  21. Thanks for putting these fish to good use. That must be one heck of a fish fry. we will have a few on ice for you.
  22. we use the same knot at both ends rob, but we don't really plan on using the backing.
  23. http://www.lotsa.org/Wire%20Line%20Knot.htm this is the knot i was talking about. hopefully this one loads for you it's pretty simple but hard to describe.
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