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  1. Nice. Thanks for the reports and pics The fish are willing to play but its been tough getting to the playgrounds with the all the windy weather. Glad you guys got out to play.
  2. Saw this on the web today. Thought it might be of interest to y'all. See: http://topics.mlive.com/tag/Great%20Lakes%20salmon/index.html
  3. Bill Dance's bloopers aint got nothin on that.
  4. Nice Looks like its bout time to go fishin Thanks for the report.
  5. Here's another fishin story and its true and happened on the trip we got the nice Atlantic. We're trolling along where we've been havin some action and Craig's rod takes a shot dragging a stick bait. He fights the fish for bout 5 min. and just as we're almost within netting range the decent brown does some head thrashing and SNAP goes the line About a minute later Larry's noodle rod bout has the tip bent into the water. He grabs it and says he "might have the bottom". I say we're in 18ft and then he says "the bottom" is moving and he's hooked up with a decent fish. He gets it to the boat, I net it and hand it upfront to Craig to unhook. Craig says, "You're not gonna believe it but I just got my stick bait back." The way I figure it those browns must be hungry/aggressive and/or just enjoy the ride. Fish hits stick, fights 5 min. gets off, minute goes by and hits a different stick with one already in its mouth..... it makes ya wonder what it was thinking..........
  6. Delivered the Atlantic to the Taxidermist tonight Spoonfed: Weight 12 1/2lbs and 31" long. King and I IV: All fins intact and no fin clips were observed. We'll look again later at the fins as its still frozen. Tight lines.
  7. The topic is in regard to salt mine storage of natural gas at the west side salt plant caverns with a brine storage above the lake. Has anyone knowledge of the Watkins Plant in question? How similar is it to Retsof? Any risk to collapse? See: http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:J_xhs9pGnEcJ:https://kb.osu.edu/dspace/bitstream/handle/1811/46781/Occhioni,%2520Jason%2520M.%2520%25202009.pdf%3Bjsessionid%3DC616DD7D97F0BB8F7F10559447DB9F6C%3Fsequence%3D1+mine+collapse+new+york+retsof&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEEShj1bAD3JuD1j8FMiFUNkiFX9RwG1OythQ8Vjk_RiF8J42Yjn_22nZHsAeDWTPK5DSVAkoNpYtBLj3HU5eQznOmMWy9dRjhmeQvIGWdGFQTmfKbW4G4xdLU4oC4jbXLFD4T8sm4&sig=AHIEtbToe3ClyunnYGTLikXcB-4uz10CZQ Natural gas is cleaner than coal and more abundant in America than oil. We've also recently learned again that nuclear power can also be botched by bad design or "forces of nature". Gotta think about whats sustainable at some point... Lets all go fishing. Tight lines.
  8. That sure is a beauty. Nice going Sometimes all ya need is 1. How long did it take you to get it in?
  9. Classic with the kids Gotta love it. Pay it forward.
  10. spoonfed-1 No weight yet.... Fish is in the freezer wrapped waiting to take to the taxidermist King and I IV" Will look close when we unwrap it. Stouter: Lilboat is a deep-V-14 ft. that seems to put ya on fish. It doesn't take big balls ....(down riigger has only 4lb ball ) so much as common sense (as when/where to launch/ when to get off the lake) which is similar to the bigger boats. Thanks for the feedback guys It should be a good fishing season we're just warming up.....
  11. Skipper19, Wish it was our own creation..... Never tried it with a dodger but there's always a first time... Big brown inhaled it on a lilplanar and did some good jumping. I think the Atlantics that have been around must have trained the browns on how to get some air as they sure were feisty today. Hook broke on the streamer when unhooking as it was burried RJ, Glad ya got the hot hands Here Kingy Kingy
  12. Hands were actually cold in the AM when we fished and it was Larry driving Lilboat when it hit. Craig was the one who saw the Lilplaner take the shot and I was just lucky enough to be sittin next to the rod. It sure made for some excitement. Another nice day on the O at The Oz.
  13. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Lilboat ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):04/08/11 Time on Water:7-12:30 Weather/Temp:Nice Wind Speed/Direction:Light from the southwwest Waves: <1ft Surface Temp: 42 Location:Off Oswego LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 10 Total Boated:7 Species Breakdown:4 Atlantics, 1 Coho, 2 Browns Hot Lure: Sticks Goby then black and silver Trolling Speed: 1.8-2.5 Boat Depth: 10-25 Lure Depth: Wherever the stick ran ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Took the day off and launched the Lilboat at dawn with Larry and Craig with RJ going on Jim's LilLund to try to find the fish. Tried the harbor and out front in the mud but no hits. Tried east and managed a couple smaller (~22") Atlantics and a Coho. Saw some nets move on the other boats working the area. Had some fun with a beautiful atlantic (personal best) that gave awesome aerials along with several tail walks by the boat. Nice job Larry and Craig with the help on landing it. Last couple fish were decent brownies.
  14. I was surprised by the diversity present too. We tried spoons and I even tried a Coho killer set up after the Coho hit, it never took a shot. The lilplaner with the stick took most of the fish and both of the bigger fish. The big brown was full of big gobies and the other brown was eating eggs. I guess there's a smorgasbord going on in the harbor. Nice meeting you guys.
  15. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Lilboat ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):4/3/11 Time on Water:7-1 Weather/Temp:Clouds and then Sun Wind Speed/Direction: Enough for spray over the wall....WNW Waves: Choppy in the Harbor but didn't dare think about taking a peak out in the O Surface Temp: 39.4 Location: Oswego... Harbor LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 7 or 8 Total Boated:5 Species Breakdown: 2 Browns, 1 Coho, 1 Atlantic, 1 Laker Hot Lure: Firetiger Trolling Speed: 1.8-2.2 Down Speed: ? Boat Depth: 8-28 Lure Depth: Wherever the sticks ran ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Thought about trying the Finger Lakes but due to the wind forecast decided to go to Oswego Harbor and try our luck. Launched Lilboat at Wrights just after Captain Ernie's (Fishdoctor) son launched. Hit our first brownie on a troll along the east side of the harbor. Worked some different areas including a liltrip up the river hoping to find some active fish. Caught a Coho as 1 part of a double but dropped the bigger fish . RJ landed (released unharmed) an Atlantic (~20") after putting on a nice aerial show. A nice laker (~10 lb) also put up quite a fight which was also released. We were hoping it was King. A highlight was landing a piggy brown, a Lilboat best. Thanks to Ernie's son for the tip A nice trip to the land of Oz. Here Kingy Kingy.... ====================
  16. Didn't find anything in the stomachs of the LLs cleaned on Sunday. Maybe thats why the fish resorted to Muskrats and frogs. It was too cold for any frogs on Sunday though. Don't really know bout the rats
  17. Hooked up, you bring up a good point but I ain't touching the bridge. What purpose does the bridge bring? A person can walk around the launch site easy enough. Most people fishing the shore are set up on the either the North or South point wind dependent. If its from the west or east (rarely) then I guess it could allow someone to walk somewhat quicker (a minute) nearer the shore, but it does prohibit any kind of boat passage, with something permanent extending upward, especially in higher water. It is indeed nice park with the bubbler, surroundings and especially fish. Tight lines.
  18. Sounds like a 'deja-vue all over again" trip as your Saturday outing and the Lilboats Sunday outing. Sunny / wavy / windy/ cold / location / species . Early on, after they boated some on my rods, I did point out to Cruzcontrol and Dave asking "when their lines were going to get a hit"? After they but on some 8lb Seagar Fluoro leaders the hits started on their lines and I was able to lose a couple nice ones. I think they pointed that fact out to me as well We were running in tight due to (waves/wind/fish) and with the bright sun, stealthier = better. Not any real mudline observed. Good luck/have fun/stay safe.
  19. These links may be useful: http://www.ehow.com/how_6976539_troubleshoot-four_wire-trailer-lights.html and http://www.etrailer.com/faq-wiring.aspx The Lilboat trailer lights just went thru a fix due bad ground(s) from towing it on the CNY winter roads. I guess ya gotta watch the salt water even though we're not near the ocean. Good luck.
  20. After watching the forecast for wind and temp decided to head to Seneca and arrived at about 11:15 with RJ an Dave at Watkins Glen hoping to be able to get back out for some fishin. Thought if we were lucky, we could sneak out and hug the west side. However due to major white caps and wind from North decided to head to T-falls Park on Cayuga which would allow for some North wave protection from the point on a typical south troll. Hit a decent LL on the 1st run south and a nicer one up by the park out deeper on the return. Found active fish in tight. Ended up hitting decent fish on every run on a south troll. Although the hits appeared to migrate farther south as time went on. Would have liked to move farther south but due to wave/wind we kept returning north before the wave protection from the point wore off. All LL except for one of these. It was nice to be back at the park.
  21. They'll be bigger ones caught in a couple months at "The Bar". Thanks for the link
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