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  1. Gotta agree Both lakes are great to fish. With the diversity of fishing opportunities in the area it's a blessing and a challenge to decide where/when/with what. The earth is 3/4 H2O. That's why you should go fishing 3 times as much as you ..........!
  2. Lilboat is an older 14ft Starcraft Deep V with a newer Merc 15hp-4stroke Mainly use it on Cross Lake, but she does like to play on the Finger lakes (weather permitting).
  3. Going fishing sure does help break the cabin fever. Brownies may get more active soon. Good luck.
  4. Launched lilboat at T-Falls park at dawn with RJ. First inside (40-80') troll south had us on fish most of the way to Crowbar point. Some quality fish came on the copper, dipsey, leadcore and planered stickbaits. Marked bait and fish quite a bit along the way. Sun came out-fish shut down and then made the move out for a deeper troll. Not much going on deep for us, so moved back inside and fish were cooperative again (It also clouded up) Thanks to RJ for pics and letting me reel in some "No, you take it" Nice day to be on the lake
  5. I used it for some minor seam and rivet leaks observed. Filled the lilboat with H2O. Marked source of any drips/leaks. (Emptied H2O from lilboat) Sanded/cleaned surface as best I could. Mixed the 2 parts together in a disposable container per instructions/recipe. I believe I applied 2 coats. 2nd one after the first is cured. I never have tried to paint it, but I imaging one could, Reminded me a little like fiber glass repair but without the cloth. The stuff isn't cheap but appears to be worth it. I also checked the internet for other's info as you are. Good luck.
  6. As far as what we were using see http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing/viewtopic.php?p=129938#p129938 We never set up the rigger cause its just a mini trol and typically gets hit less than the other set-ups unless "Doc-tor-wiz" is on board running it Fish hit in 120-160 FOW (on top stickbaits / off lilplaners or straight down the chute) Copper took more (2 of 3) we kept Dipsy (fly) only took 1 hit but it took the biggest We saw another little boat get the net a couple times. The ice on the launches is sad. Group who went out first said the bubblers were not on when they went out and had to bust it to launch. When we launched the bubblers started as we were taking off but again were not on when we came in. It was slower than past trips but that's fishing sometimes. We are hoping to go again sat or sun. Maybe RJ and I will be able to reel one in. Good luck and tight lines.
  7. Tried to get the Lilboat out by 930 on the south end of Seneca today but found both launches all iced in. Went to plan B at T-Falls park and met a couple boats at the launch who were coming in and said the fishing was slow Winds were up a little more than predicted but lake appeared to be fishable with a forecast for calmer later. After shooting the breeze for a while we made it out at 1130. Went south and no hits for the first mile then started to hit a few here and there down to the point. Managed to boat 3 nice LL (over 20", biggest 5-6lb) during the first south troll, although no bait was seen today on the screen today. We did have a couple doubles although the fishing slowed as the winds calmed during the afternoon. Fish had no lamprey marks and appeared to be not as fat as in January. Good job on the rods Zach. Thanks for the pics RJ.
  8. The Boatworks store in east syracuse recommended a product called Gluvit for some seal/rivet leaks. I did and it worked on the Lilboat. Its pretty easy to use too. Good luck with your fix.
  9. We're going out on lilboat tomorrow (either Seneca or Cayuga) and should hopefully be launching by 9:30 or so. Bringing top water, leadcore(s), dipsies and the hand-cranked downrigger. Hopefully all take hits. Good luck and tight lines.
  10. OUCH Just when ya think this winter is going to quiet down, we get this big cold wind blast. Here is a useful link for upstate wind predictions. See:https://www.fishweather.com/windandwhere.iws?regionID=94&regionProductID=30&timeoffset=0 We may try to get out tomorrow or Monday.
  11. The hard part, as you described, is getting ready to go; then getting there and back safely. Catching the fish is the easy part. Have fun and tight lines.
  12. I've been missin fishin since I couldn't get back out on the lilboat weekend before last. I treated cabin fever by doing some web surfin and found some interesting OLD MAPS related to a Great Lakes study of currents conducted back in the late 1800s. I believe the fishing was good back then but the technology related to dropping bottles in the water and waiting till somebody found them. See: http://historicalcharts.noaa.gov/collections.html# Surface Currents of the Great Lakes A book published by the Weather Bureau about currents of the Great Lakes, deduced from the movements of bottle papers during the seasons of 1892 1893 and 1894. Regarding pics, here's a recent of some LLs from Cayuga from the lilboat. Thanks to RJ for the pic. Lets go fishin.
  13. Nice I planned to meet the crew on the Lilboat at T-Falls for the afternoon troll today on Cayuga but with the afternoon weather forecast looking like it did, decided to not make the trip. Hope to get out to Seneca sometime when the weather looks good. Thanks for the post.
  14. The Lilboat thought about going out for 3 days in a row but needed some rest and weather didn't look as good to make the trip. Sunday morning looked like there was little wind but their was a prediction for higher winds which is critical for the Lilboat. Did you go south or north of the launch? South seemed like it holds more of the bigger fish. When we found them they liked to announce their presence with active rods. Thanks for the report.
  15. For those of you who use or wish to use the Sampson Marina, I saw this link on Saunders Outdoors fishing site. When we were fishing at Taughannock one of the fisherman told me about how he thought Sampson was going downhill... Then I saw this today. http://www.sites.google.com/site/friendsofsampsonmarina/home Thought it might be of interest.
  16. Got out on the Lilboat at first light at the park and had an excellent time fishing with RJ. As similar to RJs CAYUGA 1/28/11 report, lots of fish and fun. It can be quite chaotic when the hits come in bunches, which was the rule. (lots of quads) Biggest was a nice brown on the leadcore. However the bigger LLs do a better job with their aerobatics. Saw about 5 other boats out with lines tight, nets moving and pictures being taken. Lost count of fish numbers but I guess thats a good problem to have. Hope to get back out soon. Good luck and stay safe to those going out.
  17. Nice LETS GO FISHING Lilboat has its tail wagging
  18. Looks like you had a good fishing trip on Cayuga. We've been out twice 1/1/11 and 1/8/11 and had good fishing both times. Weather and work has kept us from going back, but RJ is going today with the Lilboat and we hope to go tomorrow. You could be right about the birds chasing them down. I wonder how deep the birds go? We've marked bait and fish deep when we were out but the all action on top we never really tried any deeper presentations. Deepest was a nice Atlantic using 5 colors.
  19. Muskybob, Just made a double batch using your recipe. MMMMMMM MM Wife said it was delicious too and she's an excellent cook. We'll have try some more of your recipes. Thanks for posting it.
  20. lilboat

    Buck fight

    Thanks for the link. WOW. Here's the description of the biologists thoughts: “Looking at the horns, it looks like the 7- and the 11-pointer were battling and only one side of their horns were locked,†he says. “Then the 10-pointer came in on the opposite side, and his main beam went around the base of each one of the other two deer’s antlers and his tines went up on the inside of their beams and locked them all three together.†Damage to the creek bank and gouge marks on trees suggest the bucks locked up 50 yards downstream, then struggled together along the bank—half in and half out of the shallow water—until one of the bucks toppled into the deep hole where the deer were found. “I think one deer hit that hole and pulled the other deer into the water and they all drowned together,†Burke says. “Drowning was probably a good thing. The coyotes would have been on them in no time. I imagine they died full force, adrenaline flowing, battling it out.†I guess rattling during the rut might be an effective tactic after all for bringing in the big ones. I wonder what the fish thought.
  21. Congrats RJ Now the Big Salmon on the wall can have some more company. Its a Dandy. Last time you got a big buck you also caught 10lb Finger laker the same week. Lets go fishin
  22. Tom, Thanks for the info. May even be better than the advice ya provided at Wright's after the Fair Haven Challenge. We caught fish with it too.
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