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  1. Oh yeah I found them. thanks travelin man, sent you a pm
  2. Keep at it. When the payoff comes you will realize where that money went . Also don't trade screamin kings for lakers and bass. That would be wasting your money.
  3. how am i suposed to row my canoe all the way up there?
  4. By country club do you mean yaght club, or is there a golf coarse on the west side I don't know about?
  5. Nice fish. Looks a little bigger than yours.
  6. Thanks chris ,I'll give it a try and let you know what I find.
  7. At that size an atlantic would have a v tail with fewer spots.
  8. Boy that deer looks really interested in that old red brick.
  9. If you're really hungry go to little lake (cayuta) and take as many pickeral out as you can. It would help the waleye and crappie alot. I catch 20 to every one eye.
  10. Farther south than the salt mine, like by the cliffs, and what depth. Are you talking about 60' where they winter? I don't need much do I?
  11. The ones I'm looking for are yellow and green with black stripes. There should be about 50 of them hanging out together all 13-14", and they shouldn't be scared of fishing poles. I miss them teribally, so if you see them please let me know.
  12. LOST PERCH - REWARD IF FOUND... Fished out of meyers today just to see. Well I saw. 15 hard worked for "decent" perch. Weeds, weeds, weeds, and waves. Tried from 4-50 feet and couldn't fire up a school. Any idea?
  13. I hope your kidding, please don't eat them.
  14. I'm full and so is my freezer. 2 weeks ago me and my buddy limited out his bigest 14" and mine 13" also lost one about 16". all tasted great. But yeah I'm bias.
  15. Meyers point is almost always good. You should be able to get out to 100' pretty quick and mark some trout, and you should be able to pick up some bass close to there. Look for broken rock 25'-30'.
  16. OK I'll tell ya. Head north out of meyers and hit all the points up to just north of the power plant. Fish 30' and drag crayfish or tube jigs up the dropoffs. In case you want to try perch minnows on the bottom in 25' on the outside weed edges. good luck, and try to let some of those 18' 20 year old breeder females go.
  17. I'll tell ya if you let the smallies go and load up on perch.
  18. I've had trouble running both together. Maybe try a j plug, mag spoon program, or a flasher, flutter spoon program depending on how fast they want it.
  19. If you're having better luck on j plugs I suspect you are running your flasher flies too fast. Just a thought.
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