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  1. Some of my buddies have been hitting aes and getting some bows and browns. No pike at samson, too windy. The park north of stewart rarely has trout, but can be great for pike all winter and good for smallies in the spring. I'm haeding back out on the ice with my girlfriend at noon. Good luck and leave a couple for me.
  2. I must have dropped or left my favorite jigging rod on little lake on wed. It is a home made , old broken rod tip glued into a handle with a minispin reel with blue 2# and a green and silver sweedish pimple on it . I don't expect to find it but it's worth a try. Oh yeah north east end. Reward of 2# of perch fillets.
  3. The power plant is doing ok now. I would launch at T-falls if I were going to troll it, but if you have waders I'de try fishin it from shore. Walk out in the current and you can use bait. Just dead drift it with little or no weight. You can use minnows, worms, or eggs. Or my favorite is a stick bait. Either way just let out your bait, hold it stationary for ten minutes then let it out a little farther and do the same. When you pinpoint them it can be a blast. Good luck.
  4. The browns on cayuga are just as big as on the big O so yeah same setup. But yet again I'm bias.
  5. I think I'm heading to samson for some pike tomorow. Shoot me a pm some time I'll show you some new spots.
  6. Hey Kyle is that you. If so thanks again for the ride, and your right that was a nice LL. But you should tell people they were caught in front of the marina so my dock doesn't get crowded
  7. my old pastor caught a 49" and a 52" in one week in there about 10 years ago but all I've seen outa there lately are dinks.
  8. Set the drag on those Big Johns. Believe me you gotta check them.
  9. I vote for fish junkies pic but I'm bias.
  10. Taughanauc falls state park. I don't mind saying because a ton of people already know about it. Good luck and dress warm if you fish it.
  11. I fish cayuta and use a 2 hook setup with a minnow on top and a waxworm below. Best of both worlds and the minnow keeps the waxie moving. Good luck and maybe I'll see you out there sunday.
  12. Been fishing the shore with jigs, spoons, and minnows under floats. For the last month and a half it's been slow, REALLY SLOW. Just a couple of dink salmon and a couple of medium lakers on spoons. It seems like after the spawn all of the mature browns and ll's go deep to recover except the few that stay upstream. Well they're back. In the last week I know of 6 browns 8-12# that have been caught, a 33" skinny LL, and even I got in on the fun yesterday with a 25" 6 1/2# LL on a home made 3/8 white and red calf tail jig. First fish on my christmas rod, and a great fight. Most of these fish have been caught on jigs with a few on minnows and they have all come 10-20' down. Also it's been a blast watching the duck hunters. Hope to see some of you guys out there soon. Pics to come.
  13. third time, the first times produced much better. The sleds are already racing out there so even if the bites not on there is something to watch other than your tipups not moving. My really good day the bite was on bass minnows, dead or alive.
  14. After a banner day on the 1st, yesterday I payed dues. Fished from 3' to 17' about 40 holes 5 tipups 1 flag no one home. 2 jigging rods 1st drop got a dink gill 2 hr. later 1 dink bass. Threw every thing at em. Jigs, spoons, rapalas, minnows, mousies, waxies. 6hrs, well thats fishin. 6in. black ice 6 in. snow if anybodys interested.
  15. I'll have to try the water ski thing cause yesterday my frabil was a plow instead of a sled. But since it already has skis on it maybe I should get a new one.
  16. I'm gonna try musky fishing with a flyrod. I saw it sucesfully done on the susky this year and it looks awesome. He caught on a cat toy, no kidding.
  17. They were a little slow, but not bad. The pickeral was a screamer though. The solar or lunar tables have to do with the moon phase[i.e. full, half, new]and it's position in the sky. the best being full moon directly above or below foot. Also directly to either side is good. 2 days before through 2 days after a full moon is best and after that can really suck because they're gorged. You should be able to find the chart online. It also woks for big and small game.
  18. I believe it's to protect the walleye that run in there to spawn.
  19. My wife bought me one of those fancy solar table watches. I love it but can't were it to work or I'll have to leave half way through the day
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