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  1. It's a wonderful free feeling. Welcome back to a dying breed.
  2. I think you need to pass these equations by the fish. Mine is go fishing= 100% chance of catching fish, don't go= 0% chance
  3. Watch out for those 3000 psi washers. They take tires off rims, crack fiberglass, bend metal, destroy paint, and put water where it shouldn't go like under distributor caps.
  4. Awesome. Now you gotta hook a shark and a halibut in that thing and you will have reached fishing zen. congrats
  5. vary your speeds. sometimes one speed will only produce one species. faster or slower with the same lure can produce some kings. I recomend slower, but I'de be happy with those bows. Good luck
  6. I'll be out there on my canoe, so you should be ok.
  7. Don't be scared, there's alot of water and alot of fish for everyone. Good luck
  8. Lakers may be splitting up and moving to spawning areas. Try using peanuts or stickbaits behind the cowbells. Also try spoons or flasher flies at faster speeds. Don't be afraid to try deeper or shallower. Basically if it doesn't work after an hour switch something.
  9. don't worry travelin man I left you a couple. thanks again for the tip.
  10. Me and my girlfriend went out 4 hours today and loaded up again. Took home about 75 good perch. My hands are about to give out, but I'll end up with about 20# of boneless skinless filets this week.
  11. On the finger lakes sawbellys are the main bait fish, and we have a great natural reproduction rate on our lakers, at least on cayuga.
  12. The LL next to the brown in the picture section under 2009 shore pics was 8.5# out of cayuga last winter. The last 3 years it seems like they're feedin up. Beautiful males. Congrats
  13. 4:30-8:30 pm on my own. I love cayuga!!!
  14. J-plugs near the mouth at 2.8-3.2 mph. Good luck and welcome to your new addiction.
  15. Or worse yet they will rip your downrigger off the boat.
  16. Cute, but even with the injury who threw for more yards that year Montana or Simms?
  17. sorry it's a little blury, but it's small red spiral worms that penetrate the meat and guts.
  18. couple of shore LL, bt, rt, and a boat cs.
  19. Found these in my perch filets. Should I be worried? Does anyone know what they are? Don't worry I didn't eat them!
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