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  1. hope you did well i limited on ll's in the morning on north point
  2. pretty cool, but i bet the fish hate it
  3. i got a brown at t-falls yesterday on a jig down about 15 feet
  4. some big some small. lost one 25 or 26 today
  5. yeah 12 or 13 through the ice, thats all awesome
  6. limit of ll's today on jigs lots of action
  7. slow all morning, and then about 2 i got to ice fish my first thunder storm. pretty intense, but pretty awesome. then i couldn't keep 5 flags down. tons of pickeral with 3 over 22". all in all pretty cool day, but now my fiance knows i'm nuts
  8. nice job i was watching you 2 from the north point. looked like you guys were staying busy.
  9. still not great but had a small tourney yesterday and iced some fish. I took 3 of 4 categories, and lunker was a 25" 3lb 11oz pickeral. the only categorey i didn't get was panfish wich was taken by my buddy with a 13" perch. thinking about a bigger one with a little more planning next year.
  10. trout on ice nothin better. congrats. last year on otisco i landed a 6# bt on 2# and a perch jig, then i saw babe winkelmans show and saw them killin the browns and bows and said why don't people do that here. question answered. awesome
  11. nice 7# brownie t-falls shore + 21" ll
  12. hit cayuta yesterday, 5 guys 17 tipups, 10 jiggin poles, 7 hours, 4 perch
  13. If the ice is good the narrows is great for perch, bass, and the occasional musky. 8-9 fow
  14. looks like a dream come true. Bob is one of my favorite fishing tv personalities. congrats
  15. happy holidays all you flx anglers. I'm off to t-falls. can't let those ll's and bt have a day off
  16. heard rumor there were guys out gonna see on sunday will post results
  17. I fish the pessive/agressive method at t-falls using one slip bobber an throwing bucktails with the other rod. Lately I've only caught on the jig. 17 trips $20 in bait and the only 4 hits I've had have been from loons, but I'll keep throwing the bait cause I know it works, and so I still feel like I'm fishing when it's time to drink a . On a side note I've been doing well with the jig on all target species ll, lt, bt, including a 27" 7.5# male ll in full spawning colors, with a huge kipe. If I can get the pics off my phone I'll post. He was a real beauty.
  18. I think most of the big guys are more interested in love than food. It always seems tough this time of year.
  19. it seems like you gotta jig them, and there are usually a few in those schools that are pissed off enough to bite. other than that floating sacs from shore.
  20. those t-falls shore guys are definately on this site. been chucking jigs there for 20 years
  21. I'm gonna go out and lower cayugas population today. Let you all know how I do later.
  22. I'm ready. I owe you a day with bait and beer after the lou. thanks again
  23. to each his own, but I like the 50 limit. feeding a wife and 2 kids is tough enough with 50, but an 8 or 9 inch limit would be fine with me
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