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  1. Don't scoff the rubber worm. Last year I cut rubber worms down to about 4" and put them on a 3/8 jig head. I caught about 50 LLs on that rig, and dare I say it out fished bucktails. I think LLs prefer the slimest profile you can put out there. Any way awesome fish. :yes:

  2. yep [email protected]" or over. I'm trying to wipe out as many as possible to help yhe crappie population, so I try to bring someone every time or give them to other people on the ice. All were caught on 5 tipups and 2 jigging poles though. One of the days 6 people left with there limits from the same spot, and I came back the next day and had my limit in 2 hours. I can't believe how many fish have come out of there and it keeps producing.

  3. Sorry it took me so long to post pics, but it's been a busy week. So here's a couple of pics from 4 outings.




    Hope the crappies apreciate all my hard work. Also went out yesterday and got a couple, but it was terrible. 14" of ice with 14" of slushy water on top. I'll be taking a break for a while.

  4. Got out at noon set up in 7 fow. Killed the pickeral and a couple nice perch. One really nice pic, biggest this year probably ever. I've brought home over 100 pickeral from this same stretch of water and the fishing is still nonstop. The bass seem to have finally moved deeper. Bringing a bunch of kids out today. Yesterdays pics and todays report later.

  5. That was just north of otisco park in 6' of water. The ice was a little scary. Most of the holes were 8" but I drilled one 20' away from the shanty that was only 4" , and I saw some open water in front of the park from the creek. I wasn't targeting browns, just a lucky drop I guess.

  6. Got set up at otisco yesterday at about 11. Saw there was a tourney, and it was packed so I couldn't set up where I was hopeing to. Was in a rush so I didn't enter the tourney. Stupid decision. Caught this on my first drop without another bite or flag the rest of the day.




    Best fight I've ever had on a jiggin rod or ever through the ice.

  7. Wingman, I was on the west shore in front of the first 4 houses on the north side. There's a big dead stump I set up in front of. I get my bait from K&H in ithaca. I'm having my best luck on bass minnows, but fatheads work also. I smoked them again yesterday. Same place in 8fow. The size was up yesterday it seemed. Iced about 30 fish . Beautiful day to be out. Pics later. Feel free to set up there, but expect me to set up in your spread :rofl: We'll set up a day and we'll se if I can show you some tricks for that lake. :yes:

  8. Got out sunday, and killed them. Did about 15 pickeral, 10 bass, 5 perch and 3 slab crappie. Water is finally clearing up wich helped a lot I think. 19" bass on the jigging pole, and a triple on tipups were the highlites of the day. Fished 6-8' outside of the weeds. Little cold but I didn't notice too much cause the fish kept me busy.

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