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  1. Great post man that is what it is all about. Awesome job and congrats to your daughter! and good job on the net Dad.
  2. Buck, man i tell ya i had a absolute ball chatting with you. I give you so much credit, i don't know how you do it yourself. I'm glad you like it down here at the Oak and the next time your in town we gotta meet up for a beer. We finished a lousy 2 for 5 on Saturday. don't know whats going on with us. Bad ju ju or something. As i began picking up that diver fired again and after two big runs it was stretched out 700 ft. We had it for 5 minutes and it just came off. So it goes it will be bigger next Saturday and we will be chasing them around again. Thanks for sharing information it was much appreciated and i had a riot. Take care buddy, next time your in town give a holler.
  3. AWESOME! All about the smiles, cant wait till my little guy is big enough to go. Great going gentlemen!
  4. Nicely done! and Skipper 19, yes it is still full of wood and plastic around 26. Preety crazy.
  5. Nice report and thanks for the update! Cant wait for Saturday! Great Pics also
  6. We have struggled for 2 months now. Started out are best season ever in April, but that's gone to the way side. Hopefully it pops this weekend. I'm in the same boat taking the wife this weekend and if worst comes to worst try for Lakers. We got a big one last weekend on are 10 color off the board with a Orange Moonshine. Good luck!
  7. I grew up on the farm and remember when i only dreamed of catching a fish over 10lbs, let alone being worried about what species it was. Now that i am fortunate enough to have a boat and fish the Big O and have caught a few Kings over 20 lbs. Me and my crew could care less if they are Laker's or whatever. Most of my friends and family that go with us are always happy to bring in a big Laker and let it go. I know last year there was a weekend we would of got skunked if it weren't for Lakers. In the end Walleye, Perch taste way better anyway. Nicely done Yankee. All about the smiles!
  8. Nice! Ratchet Jaw was good for us all last year, good to hear he is still working. Will definitely be running it Saturday.
  9. 2 weekends ago it was a Board bite but yesterday we did very well in 10 ft of water riggers down 5ft and running small flutter spoons 80 ft back. We got 1 king and 8 browns and 3 steely s. Spoon colors were Silver and Green, Silver and Blue.Believe it or not we were trolling fast, most hits were 2.7 at the ball and even 3.0. Boat didn't want to idle down low enough Good Luck!
  10. Oh ya buddy, you bet! Hoping to get some Wild Turkey meat this month to. Oh ya Venison, Goose, Salmon and lots a . It l be here before we know it.
  11. We headed out around 9am but the old girl wasn't quite up for the task so we tied her back up to the dock. Jay put a new set of plugs in the 4.3 and we headed back out and with all 6 cylinders firing well and cleaned her out down to Johnson's Creek. Did not take long and Cuzn Arty landed his first ever Lake Ontario Brown Trout. We had a real nice pick all the way back to the Water Treatment Plant. Fished for 2 and a half hours had are limit very quickly and Arty got to land his first ever King. About 12 lbs and in 10 ft of water. Gave him a fun fight. Fun day and I love fishing Browns! Cant wait to derby fish next weekend. Good Luck to all! Depth;10ft Speed;2.5-3.0mph Catch;12/18, 1 King, 3 Steelys all released, 8 Browns Hot Lures; Alpeena Diamond on rigger 80ft back Brooke Trout, Perch Rapala Stickbaits, Old Blue Storm Stickbait 50 to 60 back off the boards.
  12. Amazing how the water changed, Saturday are best water was the Oak to the water plant and we struck out down by Johnsons creek. Great Pic of the waves and nice fish!
  13. We did well this past weekend running all of are Stick baits 50 or 60 behind are boards with no weights and a few are relatively small baits but it don't hurt to put some weight on. We were in real shallow 5ft at times.
  14. Will do! and i was mistaken it appears the Derby does not start till May my bad. So no derby fishing this weekend but we will be out there Sunday anyhow!
  15. Ya soon enough he will haft to work his way up. I cant wait till he is out there with my friends and I. The Easter bunny brought him his first Fishing Pole a Zebco Dock Demon lol.
  16. Its here! Its here! finally! Opening Day for Haywire. Boy it was one to remember. We got started about 9:30 and we set right up out of the chute. And it did not take long for us to double up. What a action packed day at one point we had no rods in the water because each one had a fish on before we could get another one set. We let quite a few go and kept some cause after this long winter we are all hungry for some fresh fish. We ended up 17/25 are best day ever!, unfortunately we did get a case of the when it came to the big ones, they just kept coming undone but non the less awesome weather, awesome fishing and we got a dandy Atlantic. Cuzn Jay and Beers, thanks for all the help pulling the Ol girl out a few weeks ago. So glad we got out and had a blast. Boat ran good......till the end . I want to thank the guys that came over to check on us when we stalled out. Turned out Jay tightened down the batterie cables and away we went. Limped her back in, the motor had loaded up from all the trolling all day. Jay got her cleaned out and we headed home. My new little helper helped me get her cleaned up and start getting ready for some derby fishing next Sunday! Good luck to all. Depth-4-10 Temp-48 Speed-2.0-2,5 Lures-On the rigger the Alpeena Diamond, 70 back -On the boards, Storm Silver/Blue sticks, Rapala Perch sticks 50 to 60 back
  17. Way to go Buck! nice report as always and thanks for sharing pics. Got me excited for are shake down this Saturday.
  18. Well the end of the season has come and we have traded the Haywire for the Ranger and Goose decoys. Unfortunatly we did cancle 6 outa are last 9 outings with friends and family due to those high waves and we have been done since Labor day weekend. Goose hunting has been good! And now Bow season is almost here! Overall we had are best year of fishing this year, in year 4 of the Farm Boys fishing the Big O we had a ton of fun! we boated 73 fish outa 93 solid hits! in 16 outings, for us thats GREAT. Next year the goal is 100. We put 3 fish in the various LOC Derbys and Beers Laker actually stuck and we got second place in the Spring Laker Division. We had a ton of high fives, hootin n hollering and just had a blast this year. Sent five different fish to Doty Taxidermy for friends and family. We deffinatly got better in are ability this year but much room to improve. We met a ton of other LOU Members this year and every one of them is a really nice person. Im thankfull there is a site like this were we can all help each other out and share info. Boat ran good all year and gave us no problems, she is currently waiting for me to go get her after being winterized. I want to thank my crew Beers, Matty, Jay and Ranallo, werent for you guys Haywire wouldnt leave Shelby. Amy my amazing Wife thank you for putting up with me chasing that derby winner we will get someday! Hope all my LOU friends have a SAFE Hunting Season and a SAFE Snowmobile Season. Everyone have a Wonderfull Holiday Season. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Kooter out, talk to yall in early April
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