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  1. Sorry bout sideways pics, Smart Phone is only as good as its operator.
  2. What a awesome day! Anyone that has never taken part in this annual detail to preserve and improve are sacred Lake Ontario you are really missing out. I have always wanted to go and see what the pen rearing project was all about and finally today i made it a point. Besides maybe the fishing Gods will smile upon the Haywire lol. Anyways i had alot of fun and met some really cool people that love this crazy sport as much as i do. There is alot of grattitude owed to all the people accross the whole lake that have particapated in this now ritual. I personally need to thank Capt Bob Songin for spearheading this effort in 1998 and Capt Mike Lavender and Capt Bob Stevens and there are many others i met to but im horrible with names. Learnd much and had fun and looking forward to going to go and feed them little monsters with my Wife and Kids. I was rewarded with a huge sense of pride and accomplishment once the pens were in place and the job was done. Hittin the Lake Saturday for our shakedown and my 4 yr olds first ever trip for "the big fish" NO MORE BULLHEADS FOR TOMMY! Good luck to everyone and next time you reel in that next Derby winner, take a moment and thank all the people that volunteerd there time to help that fish out when it was a little guy.
  3. I know a guy that runs them in Erie for Big Lakers on the bottom during Summer Time.
  4. I have 4 Invader Electronic Down Rigger s off my boat they are tired but if you can get 2 good ones out of the 4 of them they are yours for free. I have the mounting plates and if someone can get some parts or use out of them id be glad. Like i said there getting tired its why we replaced them. If you want them send me a PM
  5. Olcott Fire Co towed me in from 6 miles out and these guys are so skilled and awesome at what they do! Yes a Generous Donation in a Christmas Card is in order. Cant say enough good things about them!
  6. Like this guy on a long copper or 10 color or the rigger!
  7. Sounds a bit naughty but honestly Black Meat Pounding Deep is are best FLT spoon.
  8. Still useful Bub, are best Brown Trout Spoon in Spring is a little Alpeena Diamond. And those are from back in the day. Usually find em at yard sales. Are best from 5 yrs ago was a NK Purple Thunder, ya never know.
  9. Well, things have tough for us the last 2 yrs but are tried and trues are Stinger Mary Poppins and Moonshine Geezer Moonshine Silver Crush we have been leaning to more Stingers.
  10. Cool Mark, hope to see you the fourth! Were gonna fish the 4th and 5th hopefully!
  11. Took my good friend Jim and his wife derby fishing Saturday. Jim is the Elderly Gentlemen i bought my boat from and is the man that taught me the basics of fishing on Lake Ontario 5 years ago. He used to fish with us quite a bit but has become very active in the fire service as a Call Man. This was the first trip for him on the boat this year. I really wanted to show him and his wife a good time and put some fish on the boat. Well we had a absolute banner day. Lost 3 BIG FISH, 2 pulled hooks and 1 we had another Lead Core spool have a meltdown and lost the 3rd. But we did manage a 25lbs King, a 21lbs King, a 10lbs Steely and 5 nice football Browns. Had a great time and Jim told me, that was the best day fishing he had been apart of in many years. So that will be the high light of my year. Fishing 1 last time this Sunday and hoping to break the Haywire record for heaviest fish ever on the boat. 29 lbs is the weight to beat. Hits/ Boated- 15/9 Ball Speed- 2.8 mph-3.1 mph Depth-60ft-130ft Hot lure- Stinger Mary Poppins all the way was on FIRE took 11 of are hits and caught Kings and Browns. Worked the best on a 9 color off the boards.
  12. We have had a pretty slow year compared to last year and have yet to boat a single fish on a flasher fly. Also out of 62 or whatever fish we have boated we have only boated 4 kings and 2 of them we let go. Biggest fish for us this year is 22lbs. Are divers have sucked all year to. Lead Core on the boards have been OK. I had my sister and her boyfriend on board and after a morning of trolling and only marking a few fish she asked me where are the fish and i laughingly said " Oh the bad winter killed them off" I was just joking but i don't think the lake setup at all. In July i marked 35 degree water down 60ft with the Fish Hawk. Oh well gotta have a bad years to have good years.
  13. FLX Troller, we have fished 13 times this year and boated 62 fish mainly Browns and iv had 2 bites on FF. I don't know, all 62 have been caught on Spoons. Stinger Mary Poppins has been are most consistent but as of late she has not been so hot. Best of luck to you!
  14. Damn that sucks sorry to hear that. That is just wrong. Must be something in the air i blew my car up driving to work Monday morning. Old timing chain finally let loose with no warning......yup not good. Good luck to you!
  15. Nice fish! and 3 board fish over the year that is a year to be proud of!
  16. Thanks again and i am hoping Santa Clause gets me a go pro! Looks like a lot of fun
  17. Do you have the White? Black? or Silver? Go Pro. Just showed your video to my wife and i know she is trolling for Christmas ideas lol
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