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  1. If it gets good around the 10th of April, how long does it usually last before you have to start going deep?
  2. Not that it really matters but WHAT did you catch? Also, were you in the bay or out on the lake?
  3. Seneca or Cayuga. My best combo's for some lake trout action this time of year have been: 1. Trolling about 1.5 mph 2. Running in 70-110 feet of water 3. Running my tackle about 10 feet off the bottom 4. Running green flasher/green fly combo with fly 18" off back of flasher 5. Also had good success with cowbells and spinning "popcorn" type rig. I have had no action on sticks or spoons since the Spring. Now sure what I'm doing wrong there but I have been doing very good with the above setup. Running in this "shallow" depth of 70-110 feet should produce lots of action. You will probably have to go deeper to catch bigger fish right now but action is what you are looking for and you'll probably do better in this range. Two weeks ago, I used this setup on Cayuga and caught 10 lakers in 3 1/2 hours fishing by myself. If you plan on coming out to Cayuga I'd be happy to join you and help you out. If you do, send me a PM. Wayne
  4. I fish Cayuga a lot and Seneca every now and again. Just started "trout trolling" this year and have a lot to learn but have come quite a ways this past year. Seneca is probably better known for trout but I have had much more success on Cayuga. Fished Cayuga 2 weeks ago by myself and landed 10 lakers is 3 1/2 hours. Several were in the 3-5 pound range but most were pretty small in the 15" range. Very little boat traffic where I fish unless there is a derby going on. I like fishing the middle sections of both lakes north-south wise.
  5. Dumb question but what is a Bow? "We put a couple bows and a few salmon in the boat along with a laker. We had a great time fishing on the Blue Bubble with Rollie....thanks for having us bud!"
  6. That's pretty funny. I spent about $300 on stuff this past week based upon what I read on here. Funny thing is, I may not even be able to get out on the Lake until next year. But, Hopefully I'll be ready
  7. Jack, Anytime your looking for someone to go out and do some fishing with you, give me a shout. I live about an hour away but work in Victor. I can get out most any time. My boat is a little small for Ontario so I usually fish Seneca and Cayuga. Shoot me an e-mail [email protected] Wayne
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