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  1. We were out in front of Fair Haven Sunday morning and only caught fleas!!!! Were were in the little 19' Carolina Skiff. My fishfinder was on the fritz - not sure if the fleas were the problem, but it kept going from actual depth to 5FOW, then back to showing depth. Once we moved inside 150', then it worked fine, but we were on the way in at that point. We managed 2 shakers that came unbuttoned right after we got the releases to pop, and that was it. Those were 165 - 175 FOW down 90. Depending on weather/wind, might take the wife and son out for a few hours at some point this weekend. Maybe Saturday a little before mid-day. Can't get them to do an early morning - they don't do the whole up at 3:30 to have coffee and then load the boat, on the road at 4:30, on the water by 5:00 routine.
  2. After having to limit ourselves to only 2 rods (the 2 with fliea flicker line), I've been giving a lot more thought to fleas - planning to buy some 30# line that is at least .022" diameter (like Big Game). But I also am wondering, how long do they typically make life difficult? Will they be starting to go away, or even be gone in late August, early September - when the salmon start staging?
  3. I use 30# Ande pink on my rigger rods and never have much of a problem with fleas. To run mono on a dipsy is a pain so I just reel the fleas right up to my twilly tip and they cut right thru & I dip the end in the water to get them off. Good luck any particular reason for using the pink?
  4. No it's a Lowrance LMS332C. I keep it set on auto sensitivity and auto depth range. When it went flaky on me, it was reading right around 5 FOW when I know I was in over 160FOW, then it would start reading accurate depth again for a while. I'm going to need to take the user guide out and look through settings. I bet if I had adjusted the right settings it would have worked fine. back to fleas... I keep reading that 30# big game line is as good as flea flicker - is this really true? I'm planning to go buy a bulk spool of it and don't want to be wasting my money.
  5. So we were out yesterday and the fleas were terrible. After starting with a 6 rod spread, we ended up with 3 in the water - 2 fleaflicker rods and one wire diver. The weird thing that kept happening was my sonar kept behaving like it was broke - showing 5 FOW when we were in 165 - 180 FOW. Then it sould show the real depth again for a while, then 5 FOW again. I was getting bummed out, thinking my transducer was shot... but then as we trolled back toward shore and got into 120 fow and shallower, the sonar worked non-stop. From the fleas we pulled up on our mono rods and the ones that slid down the wire diver, they were really thick yesterday. This has me wondering if maybe it was fleas causing problems, not my transducer going bad. Any thoughts? Here's a shot of what was on the wire diver line when we reeled in, at least they slide down to the terminal end on wire:
  6. the Big O was way high when we camped in Fair Haven over Memorial Day. With the dry weather we've had lately, I imagine it has had to come down a good bit. How much has it come own since Memorial day?
  7. I know J-plugs are pretty deadly in the fall, but am wondering, does anybody toss in a J-plug during the summer - just for Schitz-N-grins? I'm curious about changing things up when you mark a lot of fish but can't seem to buy a hit. I would think that the action and commotion might generate some reaction strikes. Also wondering about other "noisy" lures like Blue Fox Rattlin Pixees, or different shaped spoons like the old Loco's. Does anybody ever use these? I also have some Pfleuger Record spoons that we used to use on Keuka for lakers (mimic sawbellies). Just throwing out some ideas to find out if anybody is using anything other than the usual suspects of FF combos, spoons, and meat rigs.
  8. for joining the two lines, double uni is good, could probably get away with an albright, but my preference is to tie to both lines to a swivel.
  9. I guess before answering, I'd need to know what I'm putting a leader on... Fly - short & heavy. Spoon, longer & lighter. Stickbaits for browns Loooonnnnggg & light.
  10. I'm wondering if this idea I have is crazy or worth trying... Stacking on one side of the boat with a FF combo at the ball and a spoon 20 ft up, then on the other side of the boat spoon at the ball and FF 25 feet up. Is this worth a try for putting more lines in the water and covering more of the water column? Other suggestions on a stacker program?
  11. making sure to have your morning coffee is the cure for that!!!!!!
  12. try here: http://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/
  13. Gonna get a couple buddies together and hit Fair Haven Sunday morning. Hoping the bite stays hot. Will be checking here for reports as we get closer, and will maybe call Screwy Louies Saturday for the latest scoop.
  14. Sounds like there are idiots everywhere, and some have harpoons. I think that the harpooner is lucky that he didn't get shot full of buckshot. For me, this story makes me glad we don't have tuna in Lake Ontario.
  15. Most of the weekend we stayed West of Frenchman's Is - couple nice smallies and some monster-mutant pumpkinseeds and a half dozen pickerel off weed edges. Not a walleye to be had. On Sunday, we did a mid-day outing farther East.. Trolled shadraps from Dunham Is to Hitchcock point, nothing, so then we moved to set up a drift starting at 130 to 127. Worked bottom bouncers and black jigs. One nice smallie and more monster-mutant pumpkinseeds. No walleye again. They call it fishing, not catching, and at least I got out a couple times over the holiday weekend, so I'm not complaining.
  16. It passed both houses on June 16 http://open.nysenate.gov/legislation/bill/S2462B-2011
  17. Bring the troops home from Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and use them to forcibly annex Canada. Then there won't be a problem with their customs & border agents - no more border!
  18. First-off, I've never targeted eyes - have only caught them when fishing for something else. I need a down & dirty Oneida Walleye 101 course. We're going to be camping at Oneida Shores over the 4th, and will have the boat with us - I REALLY want to catch some Oneida "eyes". I think I've got all the gear/tackle I need, but need to have some ideas on "where" and "what" - the "when" will be early morning or early evening (avoiding the holiday weekend boat traffic) Where... places to try, what to look for on the chart and fish finder, areas of the lake that typically hold eyes, productive depths. How do I find them? What... baits (jigs, worm harnesses, bottom bouncers, stick baits, crank baits, etc) to use and the best way to use them (jigging, bottom bouncing, trolling, deadsticking, etc) along with suggestions on colors. Otherwise, I'm gonna end up being one of those guys that Mark Komo talks about in his forum signature ("bass is for guys that can't catch walleyes...")
  19. Typically, it's the gar sunning, and we see them most often late afternoon up to dusk, so that's what it sounds like to me. If you want to find out for sure, toss a Rapala F11 at them and slowly twitch it back. Gar may hit it, or may just follow it, but either way should get close enough for you to see 'em.
  20. I like mine - they pull great, handle chop better than my boat, and by taking the keels off I can stow them on the boat pretty easily, as well as store them in the basement over the winter.
  21. One thing I'm surprised hasn't been hammered on yet - fishing reports. Search for and read every recent report for the area you plan to fish. when tourney's aren't going on, folks come right out and tell you where they're getting fish, what they're getting them on (bait, color, size), depth (fish in fow), and speed (up and down). LOU's tweet reports, along with their North/South Shore reports sections will go a long way toward putting fish in the box. The whole get a charter and ask questions idea - absolutely a must if you want to learn quickly. I went on a charter with Capt. Pete from Prime Time (see Captains Corner section of LOU website) last year and learned a ton from him. The charter captains that I've ever talked to, all are really good about teaching clients who want to learn, so book a charter and ask a lot of questions, especially about gear that you already have - you'll be glad you did. Tight lines!
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