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  1. Nice rig! I showed this classified to the wife, she loved the boat, hummmm, should I suck up?
  2. I have my 2001 2252 Bayliner Cierra Classic Hardtop for sale, listed here on LOU. http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/20503-2001-2252-bayliner-cierra-classic-hardtop/?hl=bayliner
  3. Spring is just around the corner, would like to sell this boat, have a few larger boats I'm interested in, but I need to sell the Bayliner first. Make an offer.
  4. Have for sale a 2001 Trail Lite 5260S 27' 5th wheel camper, self contained, 110 volt, lp gas, 12 volt dc battery, 6gal hot water heater, air conditioner, lp gas furnace, microwave, refrigerator, tv antenna, roof rack & ladder, am/fm radio- cd, sofa slide out, 30 gal fresh water, 30 gal gray water, 30 gal black water, cook stove, Sunchaser awning, 5th hitch include for truck..Very nice camper. Asking 7000.00 OBO. Camper is located in Dexter, NY. I have it listed on the H2O Craigslist with pics. http://watertown.craigslist.org/rvs/5408147382.html
  5. Thanks for the post, nothing in the news about burglaries around the Guffins Bay area, still going to take a ride to camp and make sure.
  6. Thanks Hank, all set. Question Hank, will it end after the 27th race is finished and most points win, or will it continue into the play offs?
  7. Any day on the water is a good day Todd, so whens the bigger boat in the budget?
  8. Lew

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Hank
  9. Still for sale, Have only used it twice in the past two summers.
  10. If Muskybob gets wind of them being in the Big O, he will be chasin them it all summer. Fish pole in one hand, binoculars in the other
  11. Here's a pic of the East-N-Der. Adk1 would you rather be fishing or boiling?
  12. Check here for some info. http://www.guffinbayresortandmarina.com/
  13. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
  14. I don't intend on leaving it connect to the boat, just connect it when I get home, and pump it out into my sewer system at home. Not the Lake!!!! Good grief.
  15. I used a shop vac in the past, it worked great, but wasn't that pleasant to do, never had it clog the hose, the waste paper & etc were all sucked out fine. I'm going to give the macerator pump a try. Need to find or fab a fitting to fit the macerator pump then screw into the waste tank outlet fitting, that will be easy to do. Wire up a quick connector with a momentary push button. Should make a fine home pump out system if it will lift it, I hope! Thanks again all for your input.
  16. Have a question, I want to make a home pump out for my Bayliner waste tank, winter project. Can I use a macerator pump, my question is, will it have enough lift to pull the waste up to my waste tank outlet fitting and pump into my home sewer system? Thanks
  17. A little late but Happy Birthday Hank.
  18. May need to make a trip up and work the Trench this week sometime, thanks for the info!
  19. Shellback That's was in the back of my mind when I said I have cold feet. Think I will just leave it as is, it works just fine with the ole software.
  20. My HB 997C SI has never had a software update, still the original software. I did searches on the updates and find that guys have issues after updating them with the latest software. Has anyone done the updates without any issues on the 997c si? I picked up a SD card, downloaded the latest software and was ready to do it, now I have cold feet. I know you need to save the way points and reset it before installing the new software.
  21. Lew

    Sleeping Fishermen

    Grandsons taking a nap with Grandma.
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