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  1. Congrats, Grandchildren are such a blessing!
  2. I got curious and removed the antenna puck from the hard top, removed the 3 torx screws and took it apart. What I found was water inside on the circuit board and the connection pins discolored. I dried it and cleaned the pins. with hopes it would work, It didn't, It's junk. Even if it did work I'm not sure I would trust it. So I just may take you up on your offer Shellback, it is a H/B 16/4 antenna.
  3. I have a Bird 997c si. Never had a problem with it till last Friday, lost GPS in Henderson, was working fine. This appeared on the screen No GPS Postion Fix. I checked the connections, they seem to be fine, It shows it connected, unplug it and it will show it disconnected. anyone had this problem, bad antenna puck maybe? I would like to hook my unit up to someone has the same unit and see if it is the antenna puck. But don't know anyone has a 977c si. I do travel to Watertown once a week. I have never updated the software on this uint, not sure if this might be the problem, it doesn't seem like it would but you never know. Thanks.
  4. Hit the trench this morning, was some traffic, we worked more towards the edge of the trench with spoons at 80' and 70'. we were marking fish, but just one taker, a nice Eye. We keep watch but didn't see anyone else hooking up. It was Great Day anyway fishing with my wife, son & daughter inlaw and grandsons. Made a run to Sackets and hit the Sackets Harbor Brewing Company for lunch
  5. Will be working the Trench today. Hopefully will have better luck and put a few in the box. It will be for the 1st time all summer, life is busy!
  6. With regrets, I'll be missing this years Get Together again Tapping and getting the Sugar House ready for sugaring season.
  7. Yep Hank is the man L&M is his nick here on LOU
  8. I see I missed out on this again
  9. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & God Bless!
  10. I guess my Friday nite fish fry will be extra crisp this Friday Stan.
  11. Happy Birthday Vic. here's a fer ya!!
  12. I know what your going though Total Chaos and sorry for your loss! Had to have my Bud Harley put down here a few weeks back. It's tough, I had my coffee with him almost every morning for ten years, he wasn't a huntin dog, but a lap dog who loved truck rides, my (His) recliner and cheeseburgers. In my heart I know he is still watching over me!
  13. Thanks for all the birthday wishes It was a Great Day but I still couldn't get out of the HDL yesterday Hank & Bob I need experienced advice on how to do that Man that sure looks yummmy Stan sorry I couldn't make it. Here's a or a on me, to all my buds who wished me a Happy Birthday!
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