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  1. Vortec heads with crank, rods, pistons. No power steering pump or starter.
  2. Still for sale, new price $75.00
  3. For sale a new Atwood Master Cylinder for a drum brake trailer. Part #85841 $45.00 plus shipping. PM me for details
  4. Could be a Coast Guard supply drop test?
  5. Last week Capt. Richard Seller passed away after a long battle with Cancer. He was a friend of mine who first introduced me to fishing the Big O. For along time asked me to go with him. but I like my Dad thought if you wasn't' fishing Brook Trout back in some remote creek, fighting off Black Flies as big as Blue Jays, you wasn't fishing, until finally we gave in and he took us out for a day on the Big O. I will never forget that day!! He wasn't a big dog on the lake, but he had a heart bigger then the lake itself. If some wanted a day on the lake and they were short on $ Capt. Seller's would take them anyway just for some gas $, he was always willing to help anyone anytime! I had many offers to go with him but never did, now I wish I had. Well the years went by I bought my own boat and set it up for the Big O with tips from Capt. Seller and few awesome friends I have acquired here on Lou (You know who you are) my boys and I are enjoying when we can a day on the lake. I have acquired from Capt. Seller all of his spoons, some dating back in the 70's, My plans are to wash everyone of them, and man there are a lot of them, that's an incentive to hit the lake more often Rest In Peace My Friend!
  6. Don't know ya Irish Knots, But I'll wish ya a Happy Birthday also!
  7. Calling for 13 deg. here tonite, Sure glad I didn't dewinterize mine yet
  8. Cool Stan, looking forward to reading it!
  9. Yep it means I need to sell one before I can buy another one, but it just seems no one is a Bayliner fan!!! So whats your Point?
  10. Oh my, someone needs to buy our Bayliner, My Boys and Grandsons would look real good in this Prohunter!
  11. All Set Would prefer to be doing the real thing, but need the
  12. Going to talking to the boys about this
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