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  1. Keuka has deteriorated dramatically over the past several years. I used to keep DEC diaries until a couple years ago for Seneca, Keuka and Canandaigua and they have all taken a hit for complex reasons but Keuka seems the most extreme at present and the Rainbows, browns and Atlantics have been decimated in comparison with previous years and the catch rates have reflected it . Even the ice fishing sucked this year there for perch and panfish The baitfish population has totally collapsed. The few Cisco they recently put in were probably scarfed up shortly after they arrived because the predatory fish are desperate. They have been sucking down the perch for the past few years and I have seen it with my own eyes while ice fishing for perch  and catching lakers one after another in 20 ft of water and having them spit up tiny perch and bass all over the ice.


    Keuka used to be a stellar lake for trout and salmon and way back when I routinely caught rainbows even while jerking copper. Some of my best catches came from there in the 70's 80's and nineties. At one time the state record brown trout came from the Hammondsport area (22 lbs?). There may be a few of the silver fish left in there but they are very few in comparison with the state of things even 10 years ago and it is sad and this probably won't be corrected any time soon because the problems are several leading to the baitfish collapse and the current state of things. The perch fishing is way off now as well and the lakers are in large part stunted in growth. Keuka is like three lakes in one because of its unique three separate branches each having its own character and currents etc so some of the spots may be affected differently too.

  2. It isn't worth messing because since the 9/11 stuff they have been VERY conscious about the line and the borders. No sense risking getting your boat and equipment confiscated. The covid stuff has just heightened the concerns.

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  3. It is important when putting on the 7 strand wire to make sure your line guide on the reel is centered and not to either side when starting to put the wire on. There can sometimes be a problem with the above method of extending manually the coverage with your fingers or thumb across the spool after the line guide finishes. It is going outside the range of coverage of the line guide and because it is at an angle on the spool it can bind up later on when the wire is coming back on the spool within its natural range. The reel repair folks told me long ago to use about 50 to 100 ft of 40 lb  mono on first to help protect the spool  from pressure of the wire, keep the wire evenly nested, and to take up space for the line counter accuracy. I also use a Spro # 8 swivel to connect the mono to the wire without the intention of ever getting to that point with the 1,000 ft of wire as the main line. If that ever became a reality you should be chasing down the fish anyway and should have plenty of time to do it  with the length of more than 3 football fields:smile:

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  4. I guess the first things to pop in mind to consider are these:

    Possible bent axle on trailer

    Bad wheel bearings on trailer

    Tire type  (load range) not correct for weight being used

    Tire inflation problem

    trailer traveling road roads with steep shoulders

    Poor quality tires

  5. I guess what I am saying is that it may be more critical to put on more backing than the actual pound test of the backing because in a pinch the increased amount of line may buy you time to chase down a big unruly fish while even if you have a 45 lb copper and 50 lb backing there can still be weak links in your system so having ample line length may be the critical factor.

  6. A couple years ago  I had 200 yds of 50 lb braid on a 300 copper that I usually used on the Finger Lakes. I ran it down the chute on my buddy's boat. What I think was a very big king grabbed the lure and headed for Canada with it and never stopped. As I looked at my reel I could see the metal spool spindle through what was left of the backing so I had no choice but to slightly tighten the drag and when I did the 300 copper broke at the connection to the braid and goodbye. Lesson: make sure you have enough backing to deal with the unforseen:lol:

  7. As much as possible I try not to net, handle, or otherwise touch them and use needle nose pliers to grip the single hooks I use and a quick twist of the wrist usually releases them safely without taking them out of the water if I can. It is another reason I stopped using trebles on my spoons a long time ago only on flies and sticks. Unfortunately the method isn't real practical with the small trebles on the sticks.

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  8. I know the rain has been very steady and I have a couple ponds out back at the low spots in my property. My assumption is that most of the Finger Lakes will be covered with debris, muddy water, and broken off weed pods in addition to any wind. It sucks. To top it off there were numerous blue/green algae pools intermittently throughout Canandaigua Lake. My assumption is that they were elsewhere too. Maybe at least they will be scattered and diluted by the storms.

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