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  1. 15 hours ago, risackila said:

    Good to know. Sounds like the anti flea line is a bit slippery and may release too easily. I’m going with a thick 30 lb (Damyl Tectan) which is supposed to be tough. 

    The Sea Flee line is slippery and it has considerable stretch but I have used it for about 7 or 8 yrs now and it does a good job of shedding flea. The spinys come off just by slapping the line against the water but the fishhook type of flea are a different matter; they accrue like cottonwood on the line and are more difficult to remove when thick.. The Big Game mono 30 lb is also good and I use it for a number of things. Although larger diameter mono and fluoro work better than small diaameter lines with fleas when fleas are very thick or densely distributed they can adhere to anything no matter what the diameter or type of material including 150 and 200 lb test downrigger wire.

  2. 2 hours ago, OI812 said:

    take the above comments with a grain of salt.....................if you know what I mean!!

    What is that supposed to mean? I was referring to fishing for the Kokanee in Colorado in lakes and not rivers by the way. Fly fishing is the best way on the rivers. I wasn't referring to fishing for Kokanees on Lake O if that is what the above comment was directed at.

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  3. Welcome to LOU. I think you'll like it here. Great bunch of people.:smile: Might want ot get some of the largest size Lake Clear Wablers as attractors and run small 2 inch flutter spoons behind them for the Kokanees

  4. Sure sounds like the transducer went.  Happens with the fishfinder ones to sometimes too. I've had that happen in the past and it can drive you nuts until you narrow it down:lol: I'm sure you have already thought about it but taking out the connection from the display and replugging making sure it is firmly in there should be done too as those connectors sometime feel like they are in but aren't fully. I think I'd be trying it out at a launch ramp with the trolling motor on and then off to check too.

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  5. An important consideration is how you store your rods and line. If they are left in a hot boat or garage or out in the sun (UV rays) you may need to change the line very frequently but if you store your rods and line etc. in a cool dry place (e.g. my dry cellar with dehumidifier)  you can get by with much longer stretches. I have had Sea Flee on a few of my rods for several years and have just taken off a few feet from the end at the start of the season or if it looks questionable. Never a problem with it. I should also mention that things could be different with lighter pound test (Sea Flee is 30 lb.) because less room for error.

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  6. The issue you may run into is when your depth finder is using the 50 khz because the Fishhawk is running at 70 khz and that could be regardless of transducer placement. When the frequency is too close together you can get interference or scrambled readings. Switch to 200 khz and the problem should go away.

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