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  1. I just bought a new to me boat and I've decided to sell some of the stuff from my "old" boat. I have: prop for a 1989 force 50 hp outboard $25 big jon dual planer board mast with mounting bracket $150 amish outfitter redwood planer boards $120 moeller 12 gallon portable gas tank with level gauge $25 PM me for pics, i will add them later today to this thread. thanks for looking. I am located in niagara county, local pick up only, cash only
  2. I don't think any charter boat will be in the open division
  3. I'm available for the Niagara pro am if anyone needs an observer. Pm me I'll get back to you as soon as I can
  4. I figured I put it out there if someone needs one I'm available. I live close to wilson and I am dependable. I observed for tom (Atomik) last year for several events. Pm me I'll get back asap. -Eric
  5. I'm voting. Gonna be my first time
  6. I have the korker metal head boots I think. They have the boa lace system which is nice and a cheap guide series band breathable chest waders. Get the spiked soles the river is slippery.
  7. they called me yesterday thats why i had the number
  8. they have called me a few times from this number (661)453-1611. I go along with the guy and say nothing is happening and screw around for a little while and when he asks if i have windows I say well you called me you should know. Microsoft will never call you if there is a problem with your computer and seeing how i use a mac they will never call me. The guy(s) that have called me have a thick accent which i can't really understand which makes it a little more fun messing with the guy
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