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  1. I love my country, but I fear my government! With the stroke of a pen the government made me an outlaw.
  2. Right on Vince! That is why I train dogs (until they take them away too). You may get into my house but you won't be leaving.
  3. Happy birthday Frank Good day to be snowmobiling. Hope you have a great day. Got it right this time.
  4. Sounds like a better name for the AM division would be the "Trailer Boat" division.
  5. Happy birthday Jim . Hope you have a great day .
  6. I will, but don't tell my wife.
  7. What rumor! Todays Palladium-Times "Marina fees likely to change in 2013". Most of the changes are for International but there are some for Wrights.
  8. Taken from Mondays Palladium-Times (Oswego paper) Department of Public Works Commissioner Michael Smith has requested an Administrative Services Committee discussion regarding setting the rental fees for the seasonal boat slips at Wright's Landing and the Oswego International Marina for the 2013 boating season. He would also like to include setting a rate structure for season slip rentals for charter boats. I know what this means
  9. Ah! The joys of having a dog. They think they are doing a good thing. Now if you had a head lamp, gun and a , you'd be deer hunt'n redneck style.
  10. Happy birthday Pete . I hope you get your power on. Anyway heres to ya
  11. This has turned into an awesome self improvement for red necks thread. I'm going to be really busy in the off season. But first a .
  12. Gray you are the master, you are like the yoda of rednecks. is that enough beer?
  13. BTW Pete if you would like borrow some of my dogs until you get your own, you are welcome to them.
  14. Conrats on the new house Pete. As for advise on becoming a red neck, peeing off your porch ranks right up there. Then there is shooting woodchucks (4 legged type) form your back deck. Gotta get a coonhound, ( American bulldogs will work too), just because. Though to be true redneck you have to drink Genny (yuck)!
  15. Kinda dangerous having our boats so close together. There might be a trail of Bud cans between them. I feel sorry for the poor guy between us.
  16. Checked red dock today and there are a couple of boats left. Better hurry up guys, the weather is not looking too good for the rest of the week.
  17. Dump any left over beer on the dock, maybe it'll get the salmon stink out of the dock!
  18. Happy birthday Al, Hope you have a great day.
  19. Amen Pete, Thomas Jefferson wrote "Any government big enough to give you everything you need is strong enough to take away everything you have".
  20. Happy birthday Gray. Hope you had a good time fishing and you have a great day.
  21. The kids took beer mostly, they were 15 yo. What the hell is 15 year olds doing out at 3 in the morning?
  22. I see sharks everytime I leave Wrights landing, a whole family of them .
  23. Sorry Frank, its 1-8 not 8-1. My bad, have a great day anyway
  24. Happy birthday Frank, I hope you have a great day .
  25. I've had mine down 260' and it never skipped a beat.
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