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  1. @Shade - I haven't considered that option, but it does seem like a good alternative. I use the Big Jons on my boat for my planer boards and dipseys and I love them. This seems like a good idea. @skipper - That's exactly what I needed to see. Unfortunately I'm not sure I want to sink that much money into just the mounts. I may see if I can get my local welding shop to fabricate something for less. However, quick release is exactly what I need. My boat stays in a slip all year and I'm concerned about having to leave them out when I'm not there. I really don't trust anything anymore, I don't even keep my nets out if I'm gone for more than a day. This is why I'm leaning more towards the telescopic ones (easier storage). If not, I may end up using something cheaper such as gunnel mounts. By the way, that is a beauty boat for sure. That thing looks sharp!
  2. Haha, that's awesome. How do you have your riggers mounted? I have a hardtop on my boat, and I think the gunnel mounts would be best. Most, if not all of the mounts I've seen so far for the riggers are big, big bucks. I'd like to leave them folded in and extended while traveling to/from port and from fishing spots. Would you say these are tough enough for running with? I think I'm pretty much convinced, just needed to know if they would work well with dipseys and the equipment I'm looking to use.
  3. Does anybody have any experience using outriggers for great lakes/fresh water use. I know they are extremely popular in saltwater as an alternative to planer boards for use in getting a bigger spread. I know they are quite a bit more expensive than the mast but I think that they mast last quite a bit longer. I was just thinking of getting a set of the 15' Taco Tele-outriggers. I'd be running dipseys and lead core off of them. http://tacomarine.com/item--Tele-Outrig ... ggers.html
  4. We tend to use them more into the late summer/early fall. Austin.
  5. Your prop is slipping. I had this happen on my old boat, you could run it wide open but it was like there's no load on it. Replace the prop. The rubber sleeve inside is cracked/broken. This happens over time, or could've been because of an impact, etc. Austin.
  6. Welcome! I remember seeing you on a few episodes. Pull up a chair, it's a great group here! Austin.
  7. My vote is for the Big Jon's . I run the dual multi sets on my boat and have never had a minutes problem. Check it out.. http://bigjon.com/store/list.asp?SubTyp ... oductID=61 Austin.
  8. I've currently got a GPSMap 430 which I like, but am looking to upgrade. I'm going to stick with Garmin and think either the 740 or the 4008 is a good choice. I don't know about touchscreen on a fishing boat either, just seems like it'd get dirty quick. I've also got many Garmin products in my aircraft. I've never had any problems with them, and wouldn't trade the systems for anything. Very user friendly and easy to use. Also looking to put radar on the boat and their line of radar systems make my mouth water. I like how their systems tie together easily and without a huge mess of wires. I like that idea better than running 4 different systems made by different manufacturers on the boat. I'd choose Garmin before even looking at other products out there.
  9. Would've dropped it off for ya. Thanks for the link, I had no idea that existed. I'll check it out!
  10. I bought an adjustable fishing arch for my old boat. I turned around and bought a new boat with a hardtop a few days later so no longer have a need or use for this. Never mounted, been sitting in my shed since arrival. - 6 Rocket Launcher Rod Holders. - Radar Plate. - Halogen Light Bracket (x2). - Deck Mounted. - All hardware included (Only thing missing is hardware to bolt to deck). Adjusts from 60" up to 96" wide. 60" tall. Located in Strathroy, Ontario. Can be shipped to US. PM me for more information. PRICE: SOLD SOLD .
  11. Just wondering what you guys think the best for leader material is. I've got 4 Dipsy rods spooled with 50lb braid, and the leader is about 8 feet of the braid. That tangles so easy, and is just a complete pain. Cheers, Austin.
  12. I agree ^. We've had Mag 10's for years and not one complaint about their product. When we first bought them, we lost the terminator and with one call to customer service and 5 minutes, we had new ones shipped to us free.
  13. Yikes. Wasn't expecting that. I'll be sure to check it as soon as I receive the boat, and if I find anything wrong it can stay with the dealer until it's fixed properly. Also thinking about having it safetied after everything you've mentioned. Thanks for the heads up!
  14. That's true. It's still a ton of boat for the money. A lot of features and a well planned out deck makes the thing a dream to fish on. I believe you're correct, it is a Karavan trailer - what's the problem with them?
  15. Found this story elsewhere online. The poor girl had the damned thing jump right out of the water & clamp down on her arm. I'm sure glad we don't have anything this nasty in our lakes. Story here: http://galleries.heraldtribune.com/?id= ... 107723.jpg
  16. My sincerest thoughts and prayers are with you. I know how hard it is to loose a family member, let alone a mother.
  17. Just finished signing the papers on a new Trophy 2052 today. Really excited to get this thing equipped & out on the lake. It should be sitting in my driveway this Sunday - you'll bet i'll be going fishing as soon as possible. Any other Trophy owners out there? I think I just made one of the best investments.
  18. Wow, thanks everyone! That's way more information than I was expecting to get. Mark, the boat I'm looking at is powered by twin 225's. I think it'll hold up much better in the crap that the lake can kick up in an instant. There is a lot more storage, and I think the fact that I can get around the boat to set up lines is a huge advantage. Thanks for the input. Cheers!
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