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  1. hey gentleman how ya doin??? what your sayin is right on the mark,just spent the week in mexico and just wanted to comment on those temps you mention and how screwy they were...at the beginning of the week we were gettin 41 degrees 35 down over 70 and move out a bit to 85 fow we were gettin 47 degrees...once we hit 50 feet on the probe it was back up to 65 degrees...overall it was a tough pick for us,of the four days we fished we boated 13 coho and lost 4 as well as another 6 or 8 releases. we worked for them,we were out 8 or 10 hours a day. amazing that we never hooked into a king.unbelievable what those coho do to your gear...most of the flies were not useable after nettin the fish,broken and open swivels,straightened hooks and even broke a release...anyways,best water was70 to 80 fow just north of the big salmon...good luck out there..........
  2. saturday looks good...my brother in law banged around today and finally found temp 110 to 130 down over 400 fow just a little east of fairhaven. as soon as they found the temp rods started poppin. green and white e-chip with white fly 130 down on the rigger or 380 back on the mag dipsey set on 1.5 moving 1.9 to 2.3. they did 5 majors,2 teenagers and 3 steelhead and missed a couple.....not a bad day
  3. thanks screwy louie's,is that you brendan? this is jimmy comeau's brotherin law,john....we made you pizza the other night!!!lol see you again next week,if you could put a couple of those aside...thanks john
  4. that was all i found also,i was in oswego and fairhaven all last week and they worked quite well but can't get them in any of the shops on the lake...........
  5. does anybody know who has golden boy flashers online???
  6. water temp. does matter!!!!!!!! it always matters,the temp. in front of the big salmon is still 64 degrees as well as all of mexico bay. if that water was 50-55 degrees it would be like a circus in there,not only would the big kings be on the move and active you would also have a mix of browns,steelhead and cohos in there eatin up all the eggs. none of that is happening in the last 3 weeks and the way it looks it won't happen for a while.they just won't hang in front,come from deeper water and head right for the river,no stopping.best bet is probably the rivers. good luck guys.
  7. fished in front of the river mon and thu as the only days the wind allowed us and we found 66-68 degree water,the fish that were there would not touch anything we put out,dodgers,j-plugs and spoons,not a release nor did we see anyone hooked up. we just left there yesterday and the talk on the radio before we left was the same,100 boats and nobody hooking up.if you are going to go i would look offshore around the 100 fow . strong southwest wind wouldn't allow us to get out there. anyways,good luck
  8. upside down or inside out, as long as you make it back....bad days make the good days that much better.........................
  9. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Time on Water: Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: Total Boated: Species Breakdown: Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS if you got away from the pile of browns in 100-150 things got pretty slow. we did have a good king on and he broke off,a few small steelhead was it for saturday.sunday mornin,6:15 one rod set up and it pops.screamer on,115/195 green and white board and fly. 25 lb. king and once again af ew more steelhead to nine pounds. i;d say best bet is 100-200 and hammer the pods of bait and hope to pull a king out of there.plenty of browns and steelhead mixed in. ====================
  10. rec boaters are more than welcome,they just have to pay the 20 bucks like the rest of us to get the professional level.professional=somebody received money from someone.it's worth the 20,just for the amount of info on the site...i expected more reports,maybe summer isn;t in full throttle yet...good luck out there
  11. fished out of fairhaven all last week,got out everyday and fishing was horrible.i mean horrible,4or 5 rleases all week,small steelheah and small brown.tried everything in the box from 10 ft. out to 300.found nothing but cold water.from port bay to west nine mile. the few other boats did the same.on the weekend you get a few other boats searching with you but come monday your all by your seld out there and it's just a lot of water to search.didn't hear much about oswego and beyond. seems like any real good fishing is way to the west.way west ,like olcott and wilson. anyways i wouldn't rush to this area real soon.i got home last sunday and i called up there last nite and the last three days were the same,lotsa cold water. good luck out there,please post new reports.....thanks john double j
  12. what a beauty..... 32.5 inches and all that girth...wholy christmas i'm thinkin 16-20 lb. atlantic,but what the hell do i know. i know that fish should be on someines wall....good luck out there
  13. gentlemen, will be fishing fairhaven area as of tomorrow for the week.would appreciate any reports you guys may have and i will do the same daily. would much prefer offshore for kings,cohos and steelhead as opposed the early shallow brown trout bite. have a safe weekend. john(double j)
  14. hey billy,looks like you are doin well.i'm headin to fairhaven/oswego area for the week as of tomorrow,was wondering if you knew of any info down that way. you are just a bit far for me after hauling the boat from worcester. let me know if you've heard anything?? thanks john double j
  15. just kiddin....hellluva fish....
  16. walmart has come a long way with their plastic trout!!!!
  17. just go back and look at the reports from the last week or so and you'll see how well they have been doin.find the bait pods and you'll find plenty of browns and salmon mixed in.sticks and spoons.seems like boards are producing better than riggers and flat lines.pleaase report back.
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