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  1. wayne i had three short hits off dipsie also with green flies then my budy wanted to leave i followed u for awhile
  2. stabil just came out with a additive for the ethanol problem
  3. how deep were u and how many ft of wire out i fished cayuga today went 5 for 6 nothing big though
  4. where do you buy these spoons fellas ive never seen them before but like the paint jobs any recomende colors so i dont have to do trial an d error
  5. these sales are for new products and where is this place
  6. did you go out of sampson or farther south looking to go in the am cant decide where to go
  7. Name: barry turner Location:seneca falls ,ny Home Port: cayuga lake and sodus ,salmon river in fall Boat Name/Type:22ft islander ,17 ft tracker gunboat I fish for:anything that bites ,trout salmon browns ,perch an panfish ================== (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here). nice to be aboard love to meet new people and im an avid outoorsman i am up for anything an d love to learn from people to make me a better fisherman
  8. cowards beat on a old fella they dont confront anyone who will beat them down sendt hem down to cayuga lake love to have a meeting with them give them a good ass beatin makes me sick the way the law works a vet enjoying himself they ned poetic justice it sounds to me
  9. not sure justin i would have to ck but in the 70s i guess always ran good my stupiity bent shaft
  10. looking for a rocket launcher for a soft top islander
  11. i have a 20 hp merc it has a bent prop shaft the shaft is available for 295 from dealer new the power head ran great when i put in the shed i will clean carbs and make sure its running i also have a brand new prop for it i paid 140, for i didnt fix it cause i bought a new motor im not sure what it is worth but will entertain offers for it if your handy with fixing things it will be a great motor pm me if your interested
  12. i have a 7.5 merc looking to up size what r u looking to spend
  13. lake we could use some pointers we just got one an d have no clue on how to use it or set up thanx
  14. chowder o you have room for two our islander is currently getting a new canvas but would like to go fishingg but would have to ask my buddy to go we really never go without each other let me know and ill ask him if he wants to in the mean time we are from the north end of cayuga
  15. price reduced to 50. its brand new they go for 140. at bass pro an extra base available
  16. uni troll reudced to make offerr or trade for fishing equipt lures etc let me know what you have that u arent using
  17. will the wires and transducer fit lms 350 if so i would appreciate having it
  18. yah you can launch at freebridge the launch isnt the greatest then go south till you see split in river take right lots of trees an structure around all depends how much water there letting out of the gates good fishing in there i go there a lot an d have pretty good luck
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