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  1. Not sure- but I will be shopping around for one as well as I am looking to expand my horizons and do some lake trout jigging next year on the flx, so let us know what you find.
  2. I don't do much jigging...I'm sure it would be useful tho. It is a great tool for getting a better look at structure on the bottom, however fish can be hard to spot... they show up as little dots. it is definitely a cool feature to have, especially if you spend a lot of time on the water.
  3. Plecos- I bought the 788 HD DI combo this past spring for my 18ft tracker and it is pretty damn awesome I am mostly a pike/muskie guy, but I do some Lake O and FL trolling for trout/salmon as well during the summer. I love the unit so far... Best price I found was here- http://www.universalmania.com/_e/Marine ... _Combo.htm I ordered it from this website and had it in under a week with no probs. Highly recommend it Hey Nitro- since you haunt the same waters as I... that navionics chip makes a big difference huh? I have been debating picking it up. The preloaded XD maps are not all that great
  4. No tigers huh? I am headed up to fulton chain labor day weekend. I have seen some big ones in there... At least you had some pike/bass action. Those lakes can be real tough, at least in my experience. never heard the jet ski rule before but i am lovin it!
  5. first tiger is a beaut! they are such a cool looking fish
  6. There are some nice pike/tigers in there but fishing can be real tough. just through the channel into 3rd lake there are some nice weed beds.... good luck and save some for me, I will be up next month.
  7. Nice write up man... was camped there sat/sun and only had luck trolling in the south basin. We got a couple lower 30's fish during the tourney and decided to keep trolling and skip awards ceremony (with no results). Bite was tough the whole weekend with only one other fish boated sun am. had a couple follows casting jerkbaits in north basin but no dice. Beautiful weekend though and awesome that the season has finally started!
  8. Was out for a bit yesterday- water temp is 60-62 already. fishin was tough but got a smaller tiger bout 25 inches and a couple pig largemouths. nice day to be on the water
  9. Nice B-day Thanks for the report... have thurs off and planning to spend the day out there. have yet to get a pike in the boat this year
  10. I was not able to make the meeting last week but I will be there June 4th. I have at least one other guy interested in this also. I will continue to spread the word.
  11. That would be the "King of Waneta". Oh wait... you didn't realize that he owns the whole lake?
  12. same deal here. tossed the whole box at em saturday and only managed a few bass... bass don't count. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  13. I guess I thought we were talking about stocked fisheries all along. Yes- agreed that natural populations of skis are a precious thing and the regs that are in place exist for the protection of these populations. As for the stocked waters, it just makes sense to have extended seasons (catch and release) if there is no natural breeding to be interrupted and it helps keep angler dollars in-state during these periods. I would also like to see the minimum size limit raised.. Getting ahead of myself I know but it would be another thing to discuss. I have seen several muskies taken out of a certain lake this past season and while those anglers were within their rights, it would be nice to make this more difficult for people So the NMA meets at a bar? Hmmm... Could kill two birds with one stone.. At least until membership grows
  14. i definitely agree we would need to focus on 1 or 2 specific goals and go from there... probably best to first shoot for getting the season extended and better utilizing the resources we already have in place.. either way anything that benefits the musky/esox fishery in NY i would be behind 100% (as i am sure you guys would be). it would be cool to gather and hear everyone else's ideas and brainstorm a little. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  15. sick baits zack. i will have to get me a few before the opener. i am definitely in for the club. we really need to get the season extended here in NY and if we could influence DEC to stock another lake or two that would really be something. would conesus really be the best choice? no doubt it would be great as far as habitat but we already have tigers and monster pike in there, so as esox fisherman we already "have" that lake. i see the point that it may be the easiest to get DEC to stock since it would most likely not change the ecosystem very much and we all know conesus is packed full of bait...but conesus is already a destination for esox anglers and ultimately i think the goal of a club like this would be to create new destinations for us esox junkies. also- does anyone know if the docks are in on cowanesque? i am getting sick of brown trout haha [ Post made via iPhone ]
  16. Pretty cool they are putting the tigers into Onondaga also. I have heard of them being caught outta there, but it should become that much better with the direct stocking. Pures in Seneca would be a dream come true, but don't you guys know that they will eat all the lake trout?! Haha I can hear it now... Seneca is the lake trout capital of the world after all
  17. Nice! At least you got out... now we have to wait until may to go after em. I am gonna have a hard time waitin that long
  18. JeffM- tracker advertised my boat as being able to accept a kicker and judging by the size of the lip it looks like i can just slap one right on the transom. I have seen a few photos of mine also with one on there and looks good. I am just trying to decide what hp- looks like the 8 and 9.8 weigh the same (which is my concern) so i am gonna take a run with some sandbags or something in that area just so see how the boat handles with the extra weight.
  19. I have also been looking at getting a tohatsu/nissan 8 or 9.8 kicker for my Tracker pro guide V175 and was looking at this same website To original poster- Not sure where you are located, but last I checked, Bayside boat and Tackle on Empire Blvd in Webster services these engines
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