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  1. I have not had much success personally with these baits, b/c I stick with confidence baits also and am stubborn, but I know of some that have. i would say you are on the right track
  2. tuff shad/baker shad/boss shad lungelumber/sledge jerkbaits red october tubes let em go and let em grow
  3. Thanks for the kind words guys. Justin- that is a hell of a first muskie story! Have never fished stripers but that is on my list for sure
  4. damn straight old man. the larry is one of my favorite places for that reason (sounds weird maybe)- but we dont fish muskies cause its easy. i have put many hours in up there and come up empty. the river is absolutely gorgeous... the fact that it is such big water and there are giants swimming there has had me hooked for years. gotta love the experience
  5. I have not had much luck with esox in 4th lake (had a follow from a BIG tiger a few years ago). 1st-3rd lakes however are a different story. Casting inline spinners and trolling with tuff/boss shads and other smaller muskie baits seems to work for me. Good luck- beautiful area.
  6. Not too many muskie reports lately so here is one. Spent a long weekend relaxing on the river with the wife and of course looking for big pike and ski's. Pike fishing was very good. Lost count after a dozen with many decent ones around ten lbs. Biggest pike of the trip was 11 lbs on the boga and was caught trolling (all of the bigger ones were caught trolling). At one point on Friday I had a nice rip trolling a perchbait in 40 FOW. As I am reeling i feel some weight and my heart starts pounding.... i am thinking muskie! Get the fish to the boat and it is the biggest pike I have ever seen...maybe 15 lbs. Wife is ready with the net but the fish went nuts when it saw the boat. Couple head shakes and it disappeared... heart breaker! My heartbreak was short lived- Saturday evening I was out solo trolling a steep drop off and the starboard rod goes nuts. I grab the rod and immediately realize that this is no pike. After a decent battle I have a gorgeous St. Lawrence muskie in the beckman... 48.5 inches on the tape. Of course I am alone and the camera is in the wife's bag. As luck would have it another boat came over after seeing the battle, took a pic and emailed it to me. Nice! Her tail looks a little stressed in the pic but she was only out of the water for a few seconds and swam off like a bullet. Did i mention that this fish was gorgeous? pic does not do her justice. Great to get a nice muskie in the net as I have not been out this year as much as i would have liked (20 month old son at home) and have also been playin in the big lake with trout/salmon . Got a high 30's a few weeks ago but that is it so far. The fall season is fast approaching however and it will soon be game time! Tight lines
  7. Congrats! She is already a muskie junkie! You must be very proud!
  8. thanks for the report old man. headed up to west winds with the wife next week for 4 days. looks like i am gonna have to pass on happy hour at least one of those nights haha. just did a week on fulton chain and still have not caught a tiger out of there. some nice pike and smallies but those tigers are tough!
  9. nice fish guys.. hoping to get out this week. what where water temps lookin like on waneta?
  10. Awesome! I did a ton of kayak fishing in the salt a few years ago when i lived in FL. Snook/redfish mostly. You have inspired me to dust off my yak and get it slimed. One thing I could recommend to you is maybe get a boga grip... it makes landing fish from the yak much easier (for me at least). I have even landed some smaller sharks with the boga... Great video man!
  11. Thanks capt larry- was not a complaint, just curious. hope to be there monday
  12. What ever happened to emailing out minutes from the meetings? I have only been able to attend 2 meetings so far (one back at the country joint) and haven't been to the last few or the recent tourney due to other commitments. Are the minutes not emailed out anymore or have i been dropped from the mailing list for non-attendance? Hoping to make it out Monday....
  13. Giants come out of the St. Larry every year but it is big water and can be very challenging. If you are looking for better odds at getting a few muskies to the boat I would suggest chautauqua. Muskie fishing is challenging anywhere (thats what makes it so rewarding) but chautauqua is smaller water than the larry so you would have a better shot at a successful trip IMO. Oct/Nov is nice there...cooler temps and less pleasure boat traffic
  14. Awesome! love that lake and it is nice to hear that there are still ski's lurking in there.
  15. looks like everyone had similar experiences. fished conesus hard all weekend with very little to show for it. bunch of follows, a couple of which were total slobs and a few bass. we ended up caving and soaked some shiners toward the end which got us a couple small pike and a bullhead. tough fishin but gorgeous weekend and the beer was cold
  16. spending the weekend down there- grey/black tracker deep v. I will post up if we have any success. tight lines!
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