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  1. a dog is a far cry from a human child, but to each their own. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  2. Wild pic. don't know about $1800 for dog surgery tho...
  3. Partial to perch/sunfish colored crankbaits myself but as for bucktails, black tail w/orange blades is tough to beat
  4. I got my baits a few weeks ago and am already thinking about getting a few more. I have been extremely busy lately (also had boat issues), so I have not run them yet...planning on gettin them wet this weekend. Don't hesitate to grab a few of these. They are very well made and are absolutely beautiful to look at. I also have the foiled perch pattern along with $9 bass. Both are 6" jointed w/o rattles.
  5. Awesome... She's a beauty for sure. Is that a sleeping bag i see in the boat? Now that is badass [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  6. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Maybe I can talk the DEC into stocking tigers in my swimming pool.
  7. Nice job man Lime lake.... sounds like a good place to bring the kayak. I will have to keep that in mind.
  8. Gotcha- I meant funny b/c I was thinking about this same thing this weekend...how I never figured out a pattern or could really never target tigers effectively (although I try). Just random encounters. Lots of good info here tho...
  9. Wow...very interesting article. Tigers have been a tough fish for me to figure out. Funny you posted this now.... I thought I was being smart this weekend and while everyone was out hammering Waneta, I shot out to Otisco to try and get a big tiger. The story went the same as my last few outings... Had a big a$$ tiger follow a bucktail right to the boat and turn away at the last second. After that, only got a few bass (which don't count haha). That tiger sure got my blood pumpin tho...and yes, it was in shallow water (8ft) and over a large weed bed.
  10. Nice fish guys! I am jealous... Zach- looks like you had one hell of a day Couldn't get out last weekend due to 'prior obligations' grrrrrr.... Hopefully next time. Planning to visit sexy miss Juanita on Sat, maybe see you over there...
  11. Women and mudkies... very similar indeed Thanks for the laughs this mornin guys
  12. Thanks, I will probably give the rapala LC's a try. I picked up a pair of Penn 320 gt's last year and didn't get the LC versions because I figured it would just be one more thing to break on me. I would like to get one more trolling reel this year, so I may give in and get one with a built in counter.
  13. Took the day off yesterday 6/14 and snuck out to Conesus for a few hours. Got a couple bass on a "muskie inhaler" bucktail, and lost a slob pike boatside that hit a mepps giant killer just north of the launch. Spent most of the time trolling...but nada. Are you guys using line counters on your trolling reels? Can anyone recommend a decent add-on line counter that is not a piece of junk?
  14. Wow, you got some skills old man!! Very cool! Yeah, I don't think "Mrs. Esox" would go for that on the shed
  15. Picked up two of the jointed ones for now, phantom and $9 bass. They do look well made...can't wait to get em wet.
  16. Way to go! ...and thanks for the report. Prob won't be able to hit Conesus again for a few weeks, but I am determined to get a tiger out of there this year.
  17. Those musky rockets look very nice...just ordered a couple myself. Thanks for the link
  18. Just came back from Black Lake last night. Fishing was slow although some decent pike were caught as well as bass... no we were not targeting bass, I know they are out of season . I was up with a few non-fisherman and managed to get them into some pike as well which was cool. Overall the fishing was pretty slow, but man that lake is beautiful. I can't wait to go back...
  19. I figured as much...but never hurts to ask
  20. Nice...Thanks for the report. Headed up Saturday hoping for some pike and cats...
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