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  1. I have also been looking at getting a tohatsu/nissan 8 or 9.8 kicker for my Tracker pro guide V175 and was looking at this same website To original poster- Not sure where you are located, but last I checked, Bayside boat and Tackle on Empire Blvd in Webster services these engines
  2. Capt Larry- just paid you via PayPal. Thanks for the hookup, my old net just wasn't cutting it for muskies
  3. i'm in- i sent you an email capt. larry. hopefully we get enough people interested [ Post made via iPhone ]
  4. Nice! guess i should have taken advantage of the weather and gone out rather than watch buff stink up the joint... but hey i like to torture myself
  5. I usually don't post reports on here, but had prob my best outing of the season this weekend on one of the smaller musky lakes. Got on the water at about 10am and started off trolling, around noon my cousin picked up a mid 30's fish on a jointed leo bait. Trolled a little longer with nothin to show for it so decided to try casting for a bit. Things took off from there... Hot baits for the day were lunge lumber jerks in black and shad patterns. I Ended up going 3 for 6 on these baits in a few hours. Nothing huge (all mid to upper 30's) but these fish were aggressive! Working the jerks slowly with long pauses produced the best results. These muskies were launching themselves clear out of the water to grab these lures...what a rush! Will prob be the last trip of the season for me as the wife is very close to her due date and don't want to be on the water when I officially become a dad! Good luck out there for the next month or so guys!
  6. Awesome... I love this time of year! Chad you are a trooper man!
  7. Nice fish and interesting read. I never paid much attention to moon phases myself but i am still learning. Definitely somethin to think about...
  8. She is a beauty! ...man i gotta get out. this workin stuff is for the birds
  9. Awesome Looks like the DEC loads the boat and then spreads them around out in the lake... very cool. I always thought they just dumped them in right at the launch. I was out there sat am and also had a period of about an hour where they turned on pretty good, got a couple pike and a tiger- all action for me came on tuff shads
  10. Zach- sorry for your loss man. Was @ Chautauqua Saturday, stuck to the trolling program most of the day since i am stubborn and ended up with zippo. didn't get to meet any of you guys since we decided to stay out on the lake rather than hit up the awards ceremony. We did get a mid 30's fish trolling Sunday AM before headin home. nice to be out regardless...
  11. Nice job on the laker... was staying at a friends place on the west side of the lake over the weekend and figured i would give the whole jigging thing a shot. picked up a nice smallie for my efforts but man i can vouch for the boat traffic. crazy. i think i will wait until after labor day to try it again. ERABBIT- boga grips are expensive but they are worth it. these things are bulletproof. i lived in SW Florida for a few years and primarily fished out of a kayak. my boga was regularly drenched in salt water and was dropped a few times in shallow water. i even dropped it in sand once after oiling it up..what a mess. rinsed it off in the gulf and was good to go. I've used and abused it for 6-7 years and it stills works just like the day i bought it.
  12. Thanks for the post old man. I sure do love it up there. That speed boat is really somethin. can you imagine hitting one of those unmarked shoals at 200mph? haha
  13. can't help with the past 24 hrs but was out on sunday and surface temp was 84 [ Post made via iPhone ]
  14. hmmm... it sure does, shows how much i pay attention. well that makes things easier. I will just have to come up with some sort of a mounting plate. lookin at the down easter s-11
  15. What are you guys using for musky trolling? I have scottys on my boat now, but tomorrow i finally get to retire the old girl and I am picking up a new tracker pro guide v175 combo. I don't want to be drilling holes in my new baby right away and remember some of you talking about the clamp on down east rod holders... how are those holding up for those that use them? any specific model I should be lookin at? Thanks in advance
  16. Nice job. was out there most of the day on saturday baking in the sun and the pike wanted nothing to do with us
  17. Mostly hammer handles up in the 1000 islands... and a bunch of incidental bass. couldn't keep the damn things off our lures. had decent weather though and was nice to be out on the water for a few days
  18. Woo hoo! 5 days left... can't wait. good luck to everyone on saturday, hopefully there will be some fatty pike pics on this board next week. i'm headed up to the st lawrence for 4 days lookin for gators. Tight lines and hope to see some of you on the water this season
  19. Right... prob will end up taking this route since i would rather not mess with it myself. Thanks for the info Capt. Larry
  20. hmmm...i will check that out. thanks for the tip
  21. Anyone know of a place in the Rochester area that repairs Minn Kota trolling motors? got a 55lb transom mount that quit on me at the end of last season. closest place i found so far is in orchard park... thanks
  22. Wow- very nice stuff there Zach...they are lookin better and better. I will def have to pick up a few from you before next season
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