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  1. Ditto to what BSmaster said. To each their own but stalking muskies on tiny little Waneta in the middle of a bass tourney doesn't turn me on all that much. And then you have the launch/parking situation... Not tryin to scare you off, just aint my style. Good luck if you end up goin
  2. Nice one!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. It can be tough at times but the fish are there. I have caught plenty of nice pike in 1st-3rd, but have only seen one musky ( nice one) and that was in 4th. Old man gives good advice- follow it and you should do well. I will add that most of my success has been early in the am, as the lakes get quite busy and that shuts the fish down IMO Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Thanks for the report old man. Will prob head down there myself this weekend Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Yes they are freshwater drum. Opportunistic feeders- i have caught them bottom fishing with crayfish/worms and also trolling spoons out in the lake. I know they also feed on zebra mussels (i have seen the shells hanging out of their @$$). Think i will pass on eating one... Haha Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Holy crap that first one is huge! They are an underrated fish imo. Nice job Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Thanks for the report old man. only 3 weeks left till game time
  8. Haha! Ok thanks for the ID guys. I was a bit confused with the atlantic ID as well... i originally thought it was a coho, but i'm still a newbie as far as trout/salmon go. Have caught a few of these this spring and it was bugging me that i was not 100% sure what it was. Tight lines
  9. Hi all- Have been playing with browns in Lake O this spring while counting down the days till musky season. Have had some great success, but still not the best at ID'ing all the species out there. What is this? My guess would be coho based on what i've read on here... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Skunked at Conesus yesterday- was great to be out though. The neesh is always tough (at least for me) early in the season. May be better for those using live bait. Main lake still 48-49 and saw 53 degrees in the southwest corner by the inlet.
  11. The road is open to the launch and it is usable. Checked it out yesterday and there is a bunch of logs/debris blocking all but one of the ramps Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. My buddies and i have had good experiences with steve's custom canvas in ontario. bit of a hike from hamlin tho Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. great pics old man. the cowling on your outboard is so nice and shiny! seems like mine gets scratches from just looking at it haha
  14. ditto on the tough weekend at chuatarkwa. Fished fri/sat/sun there and got 3 fish (1 fish each day trolling). Nada casting and of course did not catch a fish during the tourney. Chose to skip the bbq/awards after the tourney to keep fishin and nailed one @ like 5:30pm. pulled the boat early monday am to hit up another lake and did 2 more. All fish were mid to upper 30"s. Mostly beautiful weather though and nice to spend a long weekend on the water
  15. well spent a solid 8 hrs 7-3 mostly casting w/some trolling and...zippo. i am very stubborn and was throwing mostly bigger baits lookin for big mama. saw a smaller tiger porpoise across my bow right off the bat and then had a nice rip trolling suspended bait pods later in the day with nobody home. oh well thats muskie fishin and sure as hell beats workin. launched at campground- nice spot and parking situation was much better than at the marina. think i may check out oneida for bass/whatnot tomorrow while i have my boat out here just for somethin different
  16. Guys- Gonna be visiting the inlaws out that way this weekend and figured I would drag the boat with me and try for tigers in otisco. I have only been there once a few years ago and was in a kayak. What is the preferred launch over there? Marina or the campground (those are still the only 2 options right?). 18ft Tracker deep V. Thanks
  17. Nice job old man! Re: the boga, I have been using a boga pretty regularly for 10+ years. I used to live in SW Florida and starting using it down there chasing snook and reds. For me it makes handling some fish like pike or kings a hell of a lot easier. You have to use common sense though and always support the weight of the fish with your other hand like Old man said (especially when lifting). I have never injured a fish (that I know of or could see) through proper handling with a boga. The boga knock offs (rapala in particular) are another story. The grips are much sharper and can easily puncture the lower jaw. IMO- use the name brand Boga (much better quality anyway.. will last a lifetime) and treat the fish with care/respect and you should be good to go.
  18. capt larry- in your first post you said the prizes would be delivered to the winners.. is this now not the case? edit- nevermind it looks like there is a choice for pick up or delivery. thanks
  19. Nice- thanks Justin. Not a lot of info out there re: this lake (maybe thats a good thing)- I will report back here after the trip
  20. Heading up to Cranberry Lake over Labor day weekend. Decided it was time I check it out since i have seen so many pics of slob pike coming from there the last few years. I have been to Tupper, Saranac and some of the other nearby lakes but have never been to Cranberry. Anyone have any advice for this lake? I will be targeting pike and am 100% catch and release. Part of the fun of fishing for me is checking out new lakes and figuring things out for myself, but it never hurts to get a little advice from others who have been there/done that. feel free to PM me also. Thanks
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