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  1. What is the deal with the genny launch at the port of Rochester? Is it open yet or still in limbo? Didnt get a chance to check it out
  2. 2 tow-master tires on 8 inch galvanized wheels. These have never been used, they have just been sitting on a shelf in my garage for the past 2 years. $60 for the pair
  3. Pair of Off Shore planer boards ( right and left). Nice shape and only used a few times $50
  4. Nice shape- can be powered by D batteries or smaller 12 volt battery. Suction cup transducer. $60
  5. Careful- your back might get sunburned
  6. Yep- boga grip. I have had mine for 10 years at least and it works like the day i bought it. I used to live in SW Florida and my boga has been full of sand, salt, dirt you name it. Rinse it off/couple drops of oil and good to go. One of my fav fishing tools
  7. OK muskiedreams. Waneta isn't my fav so i only fish it 2-3x a year, but your post inspired me so i just called and signed up. Thanks for putting this out there....
  8. Definitely a step in the right direction. Gotta start somewhere... Thanks for sharing
  9. Sure is- last trip of the year though (and was beautiful day) so wanted to get the 'full experience' . nice job getting 2 in the boat
  10. Fished the harbor/river weds also with not much to show. Got a mid 30's in the south gap and had a few rips in the river down by tonawanda island. Covered a ton of water and was out sun up to sun down. Got a bruiser smallmouth on a perch bait also. Putting the boat to sleep this weekend. Good luck to all in these last few days of the season....
  11. Nice fish! Spent the last couple days trolling up there. Only muskie was a small one but the pike were big and hungry. The muskie population is so fragile there and the guys on this site are just trying to look out for them and educate on safe handling/release practices. I think there are always things we can change/improve no matter how experienced we are. I bet you will remember that fish/experience for the rest of your life! There is nothing like the rush you feel when you know a giant is on the end of your line...and in the St. Lawrence... there is something magical about that river to me. This is what makes muskie fishing so special and makes the guys that hunt them so crazy about protecting the species. Thanks for sharing choo choo and keep it up! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. I was also on Chautauqua this past weekend...and could not get anything going either. I did not fish as much as i would have liked (had the wife and 3 yo son with me) but was on the lake for a few hours both sat and sun AM/PM... also monday AM with no muskies to the boat. Ended up perch fishing and catching a ton, which kept my son entertained and happy so it was a good trip anyway. Will give it another shot in a couple weeks...
  13. It's a beeby wheeel! Haha that is hilarious Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. Fin rot is a general term used to describe a bacterial infection in the fins. could be fungal also.. i dunno, just what it looks like to me. i have never seen it on a muskie, but i am not puttin up the #'s like capt larry or some of these other guys.
  15. Yep- looks like fin rot to me. could be from being in a net earlier in their lives or from any other number of factors (spawing behaviour maybe). i am a fish nerd and used to have mulitple huge fish tanks with large predator fish. i have seen this a few times during the healing process after injuries due to fighting or whatnot. sucks if human inflicted but at least catch and release is working...
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