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  1. Docks were under water and lots of debris in the way last sat... i doubt it has changed much since then. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Oh wow boneless wings really ARE just nuggets.... mind blown... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Nice! Only only 5 more months till musky season .... ugh Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Awesome picture! You are a lucky guy to have a woman who is down with the sickness... (of muskie fishin that is)
  5. Yeah the 9 and 10 have maps preloaded (unimap maybe?). I have helix 7 which did not come with maps. Navionics+ is light years ahead of the unimaps that came preloaded on my other unit (humminbird 788hd di combo). Come with 1 year of free updates and you can select which lakes you want to download updated maps for. I am still playin around with it, but so far me likey
  6. I just picked up the navionics plus chip for my helix 7 and pretty happy with it so far

    SLR Eyes

    Thanks Prof T. Can't wait to get on the river... Haven't been since columbus day. My favorite place to fish...and just be on the water [emoji481]

    SLR Eyes

    Can i get a water temp from one of you guys for the main river (i will be in clayton this weekend). Just out of curiosity...
  9. Looks like you have those adk tigers all figured out[emoji106] nice fish
  10. Awesome. Snook are my favorite fish. While living in south florida, fishing for snook took me to some of the coolest places....
  11. Agreed Ivan. Gets my blood boiling, but there will always be folks who figure that the rules do not apply to them. I would encourage anyone who witnesses this type of activity during closed seasons in the future to call the DEC tip line and report the offenders...
  12. Don't know why pics post twice, but looks like it's not just me having this issue.... guess it only happens on iphone??
  13. Slow weekend for me. Got a couple smaller fish trolling surface baits in 27fow up north. Lots of follows/near misses casting the shallows early am but couldn't seal the deal. At one point an upper 40's fish surfaced right next to the boat like a submarine... Took a gulp of air and went back down. Kinda like givin us the middle finger... Highlight of the weekend was my 4 year old son getting his first muskie. Great times...
  14. Nice ski's Ivan. I will be out there sat-tues....black/grey tracker. Man i can't wait, it has been too long. Weather is lookin iffy, but maybe that will be a good thing. Will be happy just getting some new baits wet
  15. The 57lc5 is on sale for 89.99 but i also saw the combo (with daiwa sealine X dipsy rod) on sale for 99.99. So if you are gonna get the reel anyway, may be worth it to get the rod also for an extra $10
  16. The blue lc5 is identical to the sealine lc3b except for the blue color and 2 extra ball bearings (which are in the handle). The blue lc5 are exclusive to Cabelas.
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