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  1. OK... let's be friends. Seriously.... that pike is enormous. And that tiger..... Beautiful fish...congrats You mind telling me what you were throwin?
  2. Ahhh the fulton chain... spent 3 days fishing those lakes in september and only managed a few pike...very slow. Of course about an hour before we left for home I was ripping a daredevil spoon over a sandy flat and had a massive tiger follow my bait right to the boat and turn away at the last second. I still see that one in my dreams... It's funny though that fish gets bigger every time I think about it. I swear it must have been 5 foot.......between the eyes!
  3. Very nice! I have no doubts they are in there...I will just have to keep at it. Old man- no dice @ Durant huh? I have been meaning to get up there and was planning to go sometime this summer. I here the campground is nice at least...
  4. Ha! That's funny....I came across the same sunny. I think I read somewhere that DEC began stocking tigers in Conesus in '91 so there could definitely be some big ones around. I did see some huge marks on the FF last night, down about 10-15ft over 35-40 FOW.
  5. Zach- I was fishing that same area at the north end last night around the same time. Lots of bait and panfish surfacing all over the place...tried everything... I was the guy paddling around in a tan kayak. Decided to leave the boat at home and get some exercise since i was goin solo. I have seen some beefy pike come outta there but every tiger I have seen (only a few) has been fairly small.
  6. I was out there this evening from 5-9pm...SKUNKED. Was also out there Sat and same deal...except my buddy landed a small pike. Glad to here it ain't just me....
  7. I'm headin up to Black Lake for the first time over Memorial Day weekend...will be curious to see how you make out. I hear there are good #s of pike in there as well as a few rogue muskies
  8. Thanks...just found their website. That place looks like it may work out better...
  9. Heading to Cross Lake in a few weeks and I'm looking for suggestions on a good place to throw up a few tents and camp for the night. So far all I have come up with is Cross Lake Park Campgrounds...anyone have any experience with this place? Looks like they have a boat launch on site which is a plus... Any other suggestions?
  10. Nice job in the yak! Gotta love those tigers...beautiful markings
  11. Gonna try the Seneca River this year...prob closer to Montezuma area...
  12. Very cool pics...must have been a blast.
  13. I see you are in Manlius...Otisco Lake is very close by and is stocked with browns. I cannot give specifics as I have never fished for them there...
  14. Both the campground and the south shore recreation area do not have docks in yet.
  15. Thanks for the welcome everyone. So I hit up Cowanesque Sat afternoon and got skunked. I did manage a few dink bass on a stickbait, but no musky. I ended up going solo so I took the kayak instead of trailering the boat down there (needed some exercise after the long winter anyway). I did not cover the whole lake, just fished the western portion. Saw a lot of VERY big marks on the FF while trolling. Threw everything I had at em...but no takers. I will definitely be bringing the boat down in the future as I feel the lake has potential. I launched out of Tompkins campground on the north shore which is apparently free (according to a local) until the campground opens May 15. No muskies, but it was a beautiful day on the water and nice to check out a new lake.
  16. Hello all...I stumbled across this thread while while doing a Google search on Cowanesque Lake. I live in Greece, NY and like many of you...I am addicted to Esox I used to be a member of the board back before it changed over to the new format and haven't posted since. I usually fish Conesus, Waneta, St. Lawrence, or wherever the toothy critters are. I have been wanting to try Cowanesque for a while now, after stumbling across an article and a stocking list of the lake online (pures and tigers, oh my!). I am planning to head down there this Saturday to check things out. Anyway... just wanted to introduce myself and I will report back next week to let everyone know how Saturday went.
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