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  1. Could buy up to 4 depending on condition and price. Looking for high ratio right hand, willing to replace washers, but must be in 9/10 or better condition. PM for best contact Thanks
  2. nice - some steady action and a couple of decent fish. Good to see some bigger fish starting to play. Got some of those days penciled in for the first week of August, weather permitting
  3. check out a few web sites for wind and waves. some days the lake is like glass and you could be fine. But if the winds are changing speeds or direction, I'd stay pretty tight to shore. On more than one occasion the place that took 15 minutes to run out to, took 45 to get back from, with a lot more lot than you got there.
  4. Finally .... Watching the weather all week, and not believing the east winds weren't going to mess us up again, Friday afternoon came, and things still looked good. Early afternoon commitments on Saturday meant we had to be out early. My boy's best friend was helping "restore" the boat from a recent outing up north. My other half, marvel that she is, says, are you going to invite J with you tomorrow? After all, he's working pretty hard too. Hmm. at 12 years old and not a real fisherman, he is not known for being thrilled with early morning awakenings- but we owe him. 20 minutes later boat is ready and boys are planning for a SHORT sleep over Up at 3.30, on the water with lines out before the dawn, we had one of my favorite views. Barely got all 5 out before this brownie hit - guest always has first rod. Cant say I remember seeing a Brown this big with a remnant of a kype come July? after posing for the pic and some recovery time in the well he was off to swim and play again Some days it just all works. I could give several examples from today ( such a the time I said " Ok fish, we need one more" and the rigger fired as I said it, or the time I said - Aren't you hungry like me, fish, as I bit into my muffin, and the lead core fired) but nothing compares to when the dipsy fired and I pulled it out - As I did , I knocked the lead core out of the holder and watched as it sank in 180 FOW - I handed the dipsy rod to my son, and hit the rigger up button. 3 agonizing minutes later, there was my core rod, reel caught on the rigger cable holding it from the depths. I reached down, grabbed the rod by the butt, put it in the rod holder again,and then hand reeled in my boys coho for the last 15 feet. The cluster only took 10 minutes to untangle, and we were back on the troll again. Finished the day 11 for 14. My son's best friend says " Now know why you guys leave so early We didn't get any trophies - but that's OK. This was a day for the memory album gotta love summer!
  5. always do a radio check. Last year about 1/2 way through the year I suddenly stopped getting replies, but I could hear everything well. Turns out a diaphragm in my mike had deteriorated and although I was breaking in the channel. I couldn't be heard, even 20 foot away. $10.00 part. There are lots of situations where you might need the radio, but not necessarily the DSC - and if you have no voice, the DC will only help if you have it hooked up to your GPS source. You can always ask for a radio check on 16. Otherwise, as suggested find out what channel your marina monitors
  6. do you have a track system? You could pick up something like this, and then screw a plate underneath the fillet table the fit in the track. Be secure enough it wouldn't move when you were cutting the fish, and you could still run your dipsey's on the horizontal underneath. http://www.amazon.ca/Cannon-Pedestal-Mount-track-18-Inch/dp/B001M5TFB2/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1434198050&sr=8-18&keywords=cannon+fishing (this is CDN link, pretty sure you can get it for less where you are)
  7. Left late, not getting on the water till 9. Avoiding the alternative of more hunny dews. Turned out to be my best day of the year, radio made it sound like I may have found the hot spot? Ended up with 5 rips and two shakers, 2 screamers did a self release, (1 bending the hook) as did 1 shaker. this set up took all but 2 of the hits - 195 back in between 80 and 105 FOW this was a tough fight to get in the boat solo on a 10 foot dipsy set up. Nice for the first fish of the season. Tried to revive, but couldn't - wind made control and impossible , so its off to the smoke house jack. bait everywhere jr here was pretty funny - the spoon was half as big as him . See ya in a couple years champ! nice way to finish the weekend. Latest in 4 years for the first king of the season
  8. I just put a set on at the end of last season for the same reason - leaning to the kicker side. Been out twice this year and they definitely cure the lean when you are running - even when not on plane but you get a little more spray kicking up. I have a 18 foot Starcraft. Much improved ride.
  9. LOL Symon - you're always welcome in the boat! Fingers crossed for a bit of rain and some warm temps. I think Jordan is still frozen? First launch this year may have to be out of Queenston
  10. Open water cam http://www.niagarafallslive.com/niagara_river.htm Be interesting to see how things shape up this week with the warmer weather heading our way.
  11. sometimes, it just kinda looks like this?
  12. got this from the Lotsa site a few years ago. Quick, simple and flawless http://www.lotsa.org/Wire%20Line%20Knot.htm
  13. as soon as its open,the rain is falling, and / or you can find mudlines. this was March 2012 out of Jordan, I don't think we will be seeing that before Easter this year, though, unless things warm up real fast. Anywhere between Hamilton and the Niagara Bar is a good place to start We're going crazy waiting for this winter to just do like that unwanted dinner guest - and leave
  14. If you aren't looking for anything too artistic, you can just grab some powder paint and get single colour spoons done using any oven - including a toaster over, or a torch. If you are looking for professional grade, multi colour finished as mentioned above, you will need an airbrush and compressor. This is my first year trying with trolling spoons - the one on the very bottom is there for comparison. I have several single colours that you really cant tell the difference between store bought and done at home. An airbrush is on my list of things to get before next winter hits
  15. Looking at my profile, I've been a member here for a while, but I obviously lost my way after signing up. I drifted back in the fall of last year and started watching the site again. I met up with Legend and the guys from Blood Run at the Niagara Fishing show back in January - great guys and nice to met you. Pretty sure I recognize a few others as well. Thoroughly enjoy the site. I fish out of The St. Catherine's and Mississauga areas mostly when I'm on Lake O . My first mate and best fishing partner is my son - who frequently out-fishes me. Can't wait to see this sight again, although with the weather the way it is now, it looks like it going to be later than the usual So we can see a few of these boatside
  16. sorry guys - was out of touch for a while - yes these are still available. Make an offer PM me for quick response
  17. Not sure? I know the risers are fit all common track systems, and have holes for pretty well all the common downriggers . If you send me the dims I can measure up.
  18. Got an offer I couldn't refuse on the risers, so just have the holders left... Do I hear $100.00? Motivated to move 'em out.
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