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  1. Fished monday , got a late start. Didn't get there till 9 am. got a brown and one king. Fished tues ,150 fow , 60 to 70 ft down,one king , 2 cohos, and 2 steely's. Fished weds in 80 to 100 fow, riggers 60 - 70 down, and dipsey's at 189 ft , 6 kings , boxed out . Biggest kings 28 lb and a 26lb. Flashers and flies. dipsey's took 3 hits at 189. Stayed at camp thurs, lake was blowing. on friday fished a half of day, 3 kings and 1 steely. 100 fow out to 175. riggers parked at 70 ft and dipsey's at 189 ft.
  2. Bandrus1 , how deep were you fishing and how did u do .
  3. Nick , I'm heading up tonight to fish Monday - Friday . What fow should I start . Last week only got fish out 500 fow.
  4. Nick , Nice video , seen a couple of the riggers pop, and there was about a 30 second delay, before anybody seen the rod going. Good thing the fish hooked them self.
  5. Thanks for the report ,The fishing is tuff this year. Can only get better.
  6. Fished Mexico on weds , in 500 - 575 fow . 2 kings , 2 browns , 1 steely. Riggers from 120 ft to 140 ft.
  7. Fished Tuesday 10 -5 , in 250 - 360 fow . Never moved a rod . Didn't mark any fish. Hope this morning is better.
  8. Steel fire , I'll be up 19th -21st. My boat name is here we go , I'll be on channel 68. If I find them , I will share info .
  9. I will be up 12th ,13th, 14th. On radio channel 68 , my boat name (here we go ) finchdude , you can call me . We will find the fish. good luck
  10. That is my dream boat. Need to hit the lottery.
  11. thanks for the report. The third pic looks like atlantic salmon.
  12. fished mexico 7/9, 1 king in 180 fow, 95 ft down on rigger, flasher and flies .Only fished for a couple of hours , rough water. On 7/10 fished mexico east of stack. 2 kings on riggers in 250 fow, 108 down all flashers and flies, On 7/11 fished mexico east of stack, from 180 - 220 fow, cold water 120 ft down, didn't move a rigger, but got 3 kings and a water chicken on dipsey's. The dipsey was 280 to 310 out, flasher and flies. The fish caught were in warm water. Also lost 2 other fish, one broke off at flie on dipsey, Also a mean hit on 300 ft copper , Had a hard time getting the pole out the rod holder,during the fight the line broke at my knot. The fish gods took my mag spoon and 300 ft of cooper.
  13. just got a 21 ft striper, I have a 2003 18 ft lund fishermen, 115 johnson 2 stroke 1999, and 2005 shore lander trailer. I took off downriggers and kicker motor, bert rod holders to put on new boat. asking $6000. boat runs great. bought the boat in beckly's , it was a rental boat, that was hit with a jetski up high. boat is water tight. Been using this boat on hudson river and lake o for the last 9 years. boat has a few dents, other then that it is a nice fishing boat.
  14. On the 9th , going out of wrights. then after that , i think mexico.
  15. Fathobbit0074 ,it was nice to meet you on the hudson. Next year if u come down,contact me ahead of time and I will get u plenty of live herring, and set u up in some of my honey holes. P.S I'm heading up to the lake on the 9th - 11th. I got a new boat , a 21 ft striper walk around. boat name( hear we go).I still have my 18 ft lund . Good luck fishing
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