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  1. HOME WRECKER , on wire dipsey .Start 325 ft out and 350 ft out. My wires took hits on monday and tuesday.
  2. Fished Mexico today, got 31 lb king on dipsey 325 in 180 fow. Firetiger flasher and fly.got a brown and Dropped 2 on riggers down 100 ft. Got to rough had to head in.
  3. Fished Oswego today, Monday 2 kings in 150 fow. 1 dipsey 350, 1 rigger 120.Didn't see many marks. Going to Mexico in the morning.
  4. Just fished Oswego today. Got skunked. Cold water on bottom of 200 fow. The rough water on weeken moved the thermo to bottom of lake first skunked of the year.
  5. jersey len , I'm watching the forecast . Don't like the 3-6 waves on sunday.I hope that they are wrong. I only have a 18 ft lund. Anything 1-3 would be ok. I will be watching and make up my mind on sunday. I have a 4 hour drive to the lake. If monday is good , I will give you a shout on the radio.
  6. Thanks for the report. I'm heading up monday - weds. dukdog and jersey len , what channel are you on. Hopefully we can help each other out.
  7. Nick , I like your videos. What kind of camcorder are you using? I'M thinking of buying one for my boat. Good luck
  8. 7/16 fished out of Mexico , only 1 fish , steelhead.
  9. Coming up tonight to fish , Oswego and Mexico monday - weds .I know with the tournaments , not to many reports. Any report would be nice, so I know where to start in the morning. What fow and how deep. I,m bring a 16 year old kid, would love to hook up a nice king for him. This is his first time on lake Ontario. thank you
  10. Sitting home , reading your post. Can't wait to go fishing. Coming up Monday - weds. Sounds like u r having blast, good luck
  11. It sounds like a good day.
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