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  1. I talked to a charter captain in Mexico . He told me Friday and Saturday the Kings were in . But nothing on Monday . Guess he was right . Fished mon - weds , didn't mark many fish . It was like a ghost town out there .
  2. You have to clear rods , every 15-20 minutes .
  3. Adk1 , fished Monday in Mexico by plant . Marked very few fish . Maybe 8 marks . Temp was down around 90 ft . Fished 150 fow out to 250 fow . Only one fish on rigger 100 ft down . An Atlantic . The fleas are the worst then I seen in the last 10 years . They stick to 30 lb . I was cleaning rods every 30 mins . On Tuesday I ran to Oswego , fished 150 fow till noon , then picked up and ran out to 500 ft .trolled out till 620 ft , then trolled back in till 250 ft . Think I only marked 10 fish the whole time . First skunk for me . On weds , fished Mexico till 10 , tried 80ft to 150 fow . Never moved a rod . That was my second skunk. Fleas r very bad .
  4. Mexico is a long ride out to deep water . When u say deep . I'm thinking 400fow -500 fow . And that is a long ride out from Mexico .
  5. Great job . Good to hear the report . I'm heading up there the 27 th .
  6. ADK1 , I'm heading up to Mexico on July 27 th -29 th . I will give a report .
  7. Great job , the water temp must of changed since Thursday. Only warm water was by plant , on surface. The rest of area was ice water .
  8. Fished Oswego yesterday . Ran out to 300 fow . Ice water top to bottom from 50 fow to 300 fow . Only fished a couple of hours. Got run off with thunderstorms. No fish . Fished today in Mexico by plant , same ice water . Got a steely , brown , Atlantic and a laker . All fish were 20 ft down in 100 fow .
  9. i just got the x4d at northwoods oulet $699 . That was the best price that i could find.
  10. Pm me your address , I use to have one , I should have them shear pins in my fishing box . I will give them to you .
  11. p3434

    Sold / Closed 2003 lund 18 ft

    boat is sold
  12. p3434

    Sold / Closed 2003 lund 18 ft

    She just has some dents in her , just like how I bought her in 2005 . It's a fishing boat , not in showroom condition. The motor runs strong , been using her for 9 years on the Hudson River and Lake Ontario . I bought a bigger boat for Lake Ontario so I can fish in rough seas. I had this boat on 8 footers in Lake Ontario once . Will never do that again . But she stayed a float . This is a good fishing boat , Lunds are well made .
  13. p3434

    Sold / Closed 2003 lund 18 ft

    Yes , on the port side . I have a guy from buffalo coming down . He was the first caller . I will post if sold or still for sale .
  14. p3434

    Sold / Closed 2003 lund 18 ft

    sorry , for got my phone number . (845)901-2079 rich
  15. p3434

    Sold / Closed 2003 lund 18 ft

    Last year a bought a 21 ft striper . I have a 2003 18ft lund pro sport , 1999 -115 johnson 2 stroke. 2005 shore lander trailer. i had this boat for the last 9 years on the hudson and lake O . I bought the boat at Beckly's, it was a rental boat, that was hit with a waterski up high. The boat is water tight. boat has some dents , but is water tight and a good fishing boat. Just bought my daughter a car, so this boat must go , to make room. price is $4,800. I live by kingston , ny. my name is rich.
  16. fished mexico tuesday, got 1 king in 110 fow , 70 ft down and lost one. Fished by the plant, marked very few fish. On weds , fished by plant in 90 - 120 fow, got 8 fish. 5 kings, 2 cohos, 1 brown. fish were 70 - 90 down on riggers and 240 - 280 0n dipseys. All fish were on flashers and flies. On thursday fish half day till noon. 90 - 130 fow, got 2 kings, down 80 - 90 ft, missed about 5 fish. Thinking they were hitting the flasher , not the flies. Well this is my last trip of the year. This was a tough year. I think the fish are late or this is a small run. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.
  17. Nick , go get that 35 lb king. I love your video's. My buddy has a go pro and put it on my boat this past week. Can't wait to see them video's. we hooked up with a couple of nice kings.
  18. LOL. It would of been nice if both fish where ten pounds bigger for the derby.
  19. ADK1 ,I been fishing lake O since 2005. This seems to be the slowest year so far. But I'm still catching fish. On a normal year , I would box out in a couple of hours. This time of the year. I'm heading back up tuesday - thursday to fish again.
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