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  1. I would spool it up with some 20 pound mono. If I remember correctly the madga 30 will hold 400 yards of 20 pound line. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  2. Lewiston is chocked full of great bars and great food. You can bar hop on foot and hit over a half dozen spots to drink and at.
  3. Had twenty cross in front of me on ewings rd in newfane a few nights ago. Big long line of them and you could see a few more standing in the snow out on the field. A few nights before that I destroyed the front of my truck on a doe. There still alot of them out there. Along with a ton of front end parts to my truck [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  4. I watched it.It actually was the second time the pro am was on. Missed it a couple weeks ago and seen it Saturday morning.Some good footage.Nice interview with Danny Evans from Lone Wolf.
  5. I had no idea someone was watching.How much do i owe for the pier post? nice video
  6. there was 12 huts on in the wilson harbor today. about 5 o clock on christmas eve. not sure about ice thickness but there were groups of people standing together chatting so the ice must be plenty thick. was on my way to a christmas party and remembered this post so i thought i would swing down and check it out
  7. Happy birthday bob [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  8. might be able to help nucleus. check your pm's. i have misc parts kicking around i will send you if i have what you need
  9. cleaning out the shed and i have one more cannon mag 10. its a older model but works perfectly.used it up to about july then sold that boat. has a 4 foot boom(not extendable).no problems with it except its taken up room in my shed. first 125.00 bucks owns it. 716-807-7342 thanks roger
  10. got a few looking at them this sunday fshnwmn, if no takers i will call ya
  11. selling 4 used cannon mag 10. very good condition and work perfect. there a few years old with not much use on them except this year. comes with 3 swivel bases. they have the positve ion control and adjustable booms. single rod holder and 2 cannon balls. one is wired with the coated wire for the sub moor. looking for 200 a piece or best offer. if interested give me a jingle at 716-807-7342 thanks roger SOLD.....
  12. precision trolling is a good one to have on the boat. lots of important info
  13. I hear ya pike hunter. Was the last boat left at pt breeze marina. Went down there to clean it up and pull it out when i removed the towel covering the electronics. Someone got on the boat, lifted the towel and stole my graph. Wasnt the greatest one and i was gonna and have ordered a new one so its not that bad but still pisses me off. They did however left my fish hawk and sub moor and probes, all tackle boxes and all rods and reels in the rocket launcher.Everything was there to grab and all they took was the screen to the graph.Considering myself pretty lucky with a lesson learned.
  14. this was the last pick we took that day before the camera batteries bit the dust. still a decent one. we had a few like this and the 14 pounder was about the same length with some more girth.
  15. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:roger voorhees/hot pursuit ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):10/10/2010 Time on Water:4.5 hours Weather/Temp: chilly Wind Speed/Direction:about 5 to 10 from southwest Waves: 1 to 2 Surface Temp: 59 Location pt breeze LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): 28 to 32 n line =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 16 Total Boated:10 Species Breakdown:9 steelies and a king Hot Lure: orange icicle dw spoon and a orange/red monkey puke Trolling Speed: didnt even look at my surface speed Down Speed: 2.3 to 3.1 Boat Depth: 480 to 625 Lure Depth: 30 to 115 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Last day out on the water for this year . Fish were pretty cooperative today. Started out straight out of the oak and stopped at the 28n line and had a release with no one home then a diver fire. nice little steelie. few minutes later the lead core went a 400 feet out. within the hour 5 more on the lead core runnijng a orange/red monkey puke. couldnt keep it in the water. as the sun got higher the riggers started firing at some deeper depths. orange icicle got hot at 110 feet down. went of half a dozen times. the 6 hits we had that we didnt boat were no one home when we got to the rod. we trolled out to the 32 line and swung around and trolled back to the 28 line where we started and pulled up the rods. nothing huge today, average 6 to 8 pounds with a nice 14 pound steelie. not a bad way to finish of the season.see everyone next year
  16. nice job, we had a decent day to saturday. sunday went about as good as yours. nice kings saturday on atommiks and a couple 29 pounders on j plugs. sunday a whole different story. couple pound rainbow and a small laker. your right on with the people bein courtious, seen guys make 90 degree turns so not to cut of some fish on other boats. no doubt they had to reset some stuff with some tangles
  17. new price 850 without the riggers. [email protected] or 7168077342 boat is in newfane
  18. hello, up for sale is my 1970 starcraft. boats in great shape for its age. i used it all season on lake o. it could use a tune up and some carb tinkering. havent started it in over a month since i got called back to work. then started it and it sputtered a little. might just need to be ran. ran awesome all spring and summer. the only other thing it needs is a rubber boot for the shift cable. its got a hole in it. its about 13 bucks. bought a 27 foot sportcraft yesterday so this one has to go. motor is a 120 mercruiser i/o. has new points and coil and oil has been changed every 2 months. as was the lower end oil. boat trailer is a dual axle with new tires and in very good shape. accessories include all your safety gear required, 2 cannon riggers. one electric mag 10 and the other a uni troll, spare rod holders, eagle cuda 240 graph, 2 batteries,2 radios and new lights all round and a happy troller. very nice boat for the little money. 15 gallon tank will let you troll pretty close to the entire day. i see these boats all over craigslist for 1600 to 2500, first 1250 takes this one. i have all the paperwork. any questions you can give me a call at 716-807-7342 or email at [email protected]
  19. hey bob, if this boat is still for sale call me at 716-807-7342 thank you ,roger
  20. been using them all season. i go out atleast 4 days a week (weather permitting) and the 8 and a half wilderness rods work just fine for wire and dipsys
  21. 11.05 lb brown caught sunday morning. was in 3rd but since then dropped to 8th. caught on a orange dreamweaver icicle on a fire tiger dispy in 120 ft of water right out front of olcott. sorry, he was fileted before i remembered i had no pics
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