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  1. Boat sure does look great. Just stopped by and took a look at her. Clean as can be. Gonna make someone a nice vessel.
  2. Just in time to start slinging arrows at deer. Seriously though we usually pull the boat at the end of september. Think we actually waited till the first weekend of october and if i remember correctly we were one of the last ones out of the oak to get his boat out. Remember going out and crushing steelies then pulling it for the year. Its a sad day to see it come out.
  3. I second the 585. Great graph
  4. It can happen just about anywhere, at any marina, but it's no shocker that it happened in Olcott. That port has been known for that type of stuff for many years! It sucks. Trust me I know all too well as we were ripped off in the Genny years ago. Rick is right on, had a graph stolen in the oak last year, had stuff taken and broken on my boat in olcott, had a tackle box stolen in chautaqua. This is the time of year to really be careful. People up and down the creeks all night salmon fishing. Only takes one crook fishing at night with a 12 pack in him to see some rods left on a boat unattended and your out a grand or 2 in gear. If your gonna lock anything up this is the time of year to do it
  5. Heard from another boat owner who happens to stay on his boat in olcott right below Mcdonoughs that he had a guy with a flashlight get on his boat and start looking around. Owner woke up and yelled and the guy bolted. He is 3 boats down from me. I never leave a thing out. Pain in the ass putting everything away but not as much as dealing with a insurance company
  6. I had 250 pound power pro snap a few weeks ago. ran fine all day then i seen the board a 100 yards behind the boat. Went back and got it, tied it back on and its been fine since. It snapped up by the pulley and it was choppy. Think it may have slipped behind the pulley and slow cut threw the power pro.
  7. Yeah, usually glow spinny's and flies but have taken a few on spoons. Its slow goin though. Never pounded them at night.
  8. Here are a couple of night fish we hit this year. The fishing isnt great but you do hit some good ones.
  9. I was down there a week or so ago. Couldnt tell you for sure but there was nothing new down there that caught my eye. I live about 12 minutes away so I will take a little ride down the lake and check it out a little later on
  10. I wanna fish that lake. Even if the fish are not biting the view is great
  11. Hey Rob, I really like my furuno fcv585. http://www.furunousa.com/Products/Produ ... uct=FCV585
  12. Nice first steelie. Good job
  13. Got out for a few hours and couple nights ago. Trolled right till dark. Last rod in the water fired just before it was to dark to see it. Touch under 31 Lbs.
  14. Morning Lucky e reel, with wire there is no need to set the hook. With the no stretch you can very easily tear threw a fishs mouth, especially trout. You might also wanna invest in a snubber when running wire if you dont do so already. It will help if your pulling the hooks. Are ratio to fish landed/lost are great on the wire without a hook set, just pick up the rod and keep pressure on the fish and you should have some slime on the deck in no time
  15. Nice job Matt, good to see the Baha is up and running. Just in time to put a hurtin on the big uns
  16. Watched the first one a few days ago and the 2nd on yesterday. Bob sure does stir the pot
  17. I heard the same thing. Never been married so I cant say for sure
  18. What gambler said. We always check the line after getting the hook out. It is very easy to put a knick in the line when taking the hooks out of there mouth with the pliers. Or those big teeth marring the line as you reel them in. Its good practice to always check them after every fish
  19. http://www.outdoorsniagara.com/charter_ ... guides.htm Lots of good ones in here.
  20. Sitting in first for the salmon division LOC. 29 POUNDS 3 OZ.
  21. In our case the switch was shot, tested it when we pulled it. We actually swapped the wires to make the switch work up and not down till the new one arrived. I was starting to get a little heated having to crank up 15.5 pounds on a 600 dollar rigger so we made it work the other way.
  22. Agreed. Had the up on a brute switch go on a Tuesday before the Orleans Pro Am. Called them while on the water. Told them i had a charter on Thursday and the Pro Am on the weekend and the switch was at my door Thursday afternoon.
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