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  1. Hot Pursuit Sportfishing is in need of a observer for both days and both Niagara and Orleans pro am. 100 dollars for Niagara and the same for Orleans and can fish with us for the pre tourney week. Are home port is Olcott and we go out nearly everyday so this is a good chance to put a couple bucks in your pocket and get out alot for some lake O salmon action. If interested give me a call at 716-807-7342 thansk roger
  2. Almost positive niagara and orleans had to be in on or before the 15 of may. Not 100 percent positive though [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  3. Heavier weights will help a ton. I use the 15.5 atommik weights. There almost straight down, even the one with the probe on it. You will need to make sure your riggers can handle more weight if you decide to go that route
  4. Olcott marina I am almost positive is full. Mcdonuogh has a few spots. Look your dock over good before you pay for it at mcdonoighs. His docks are completely trashed and falling apart. Olcott marina is 45 bucks a foot. Mcdonough is quite a bit more. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  5. I took a pic of it friday to. I got a good laugh out of it [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  6. Yesterdays windstorm made it a muddy mess today [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  7. West to wilson has been a good pick all week till the wind storm yesterday. Was slow today. Water is pretty messed up but we were able to hit some the few hours we were out. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  8. Unreal, maybe a email from everyone on this site telling them how disappointed we are and we are gonna discontinue any use and or purchase of yamaha products would help. I am sure everyone here would be willing. Could'nt hurt.
  9. That sucks. Not the way to start off a monday that's for sure [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  10. Team Hot Pursuit is in need of a observer. Ours just canceled a hour ago. If interested call at 716-807-7342 thanks Roger
  11. I took some digging but its on there.If you actually look at the printable form it has it written along the bottom. However you can do it up to two weeks late with a fifty dollar late fee but you would have to do it with a online payment if your gonna be late.
  12. Thanks for the info tbromund. All signed up [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  13. Do you absolutely need wire,no. Before switching to wire i caught ton of salmon off mono on the dipsys. The wire makes a big difference though. Get much deeper and faster with wire. The strikes from salmon on a wire rod is unbelievable and the feel of a salmon on wire is a whole different animal. You feel everything, every little headshake. If i were you just get one spooled up with wire. Once you get the first one on wire i am pretty sure you wont mind spending the extra cash on it. No more setting the hook 15 times then reeling in 100 feet just to keep setting the hook trying to pop that dipsy with 300 feet of mono out there. I so dont miss that. One gentle pull and the dipsy pops with wire. So many advantages to wire, i am sure if you run one this year with wire and get a few on it you will be switching to wire on all your dipsys
  14. I have a buddy who is selling a 1991 shoreliner in great shape that was used for a sixteen footer. I will call him for the details for you [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  15. I second charter lakes. Best rates and coverage I found. 1-800-879-2248 ask for rob willis [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  16. Buddy of mine just sent me some pics. Hammering the bullhead in wilson. Some nice size ones to [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  17. Last i new the wilson house had one room left. I called them a few weeks ago to get our spotter a room. Give them a call at 716-751-9888, ask for john or caren. If they dont have a room let me no, i can find you something
  18. Gary, we use the 15.5 weights from atommik. They run true and have considerably less blow back. Couldn't be happier with them [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  19. Just tell me what kind of place your looking for.I live a 4 minute drive from the lotsa show. you looking for good food and drinks, hole in the wall bar or a strip club. I no them all
  20. I run otter boards and they pull lead with no problem at all. They handle some big water to. They have my vote
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