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    It would be safer to launch at Chaumot launch, three mile bay has a few big rocks just out from the ramp that you need to watch out for especially if the water is lower ..
  2. Fisherman72


    I'm thinking it's gonna be a slow start to the season with the cold weather we've gotten this spring ... Anyone else thinking the same?
  3. A muskie fisherman who fishes the st. Laurent river claims the swim whizz out fishes the believers .
  4. Does anyone use any of homer lablanc swim whizz lures when they fish for muskie?
  5. Looks like the dog did a nice job for you
  6. Hare run much more better then cottontails ..
  7. Seems to b less and less cottontails every year where I run them .. Maybe due to lack of cover !? Not exactly sure .. But we mainly hunt hare and occasionally change things up and go after cottontails once in awhile ..
  8. Signman charters with captain Rich Clarke is very reputable
  9. Glad your feeling better , your posts are always a pleasure to read !!!
  10. Sure do miss his post,where has Kevin legg gone?
  11. A friend of mine pees in a fresh scrape and it drives the deer nuts !!!
  12. Remington also made a model 6 pump yrs ago for just a few years
  13. I agree totally about shortening our deer season .. Way to long ..
  14. Do u run rabbit dogs? Or just bird hunt? Rabbit hunting is my passion with beagles..
  15. I don't believe they release them anymore there,only place I know they release them in Lewis county is outside Martinsburgh
  16. Fisherman72


    The wind was horrible on the river in the morning.. But we did finally manage one muskie today that was 43", and a chinook salmon that was 34".will try to post pics later
  17. Fisherman72


    I believe I seen u a ways down from me this evening .. I was trolling off the end of chimney and u were down river alittle from us in the channel
  18. Fisherman72


    I fished around chimney a few times today myself. No Muskies yet today
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