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  1. Fished black river bay this morning, got 2 small walleye in the river , not many boats around fishing around the bouys,:a few came and went, never seen anyone catch anything ..surface water temp on my graph was reading 60. .
  2. I wasn't able to get out this weekend but a friend went to brb and caught a few small ones,other then that I haven't heard of much fish being caught
  3. Fisherman72

    Eel bay

    My son caught a couple buckets of bullheads from Dexter marsh yesterday and wow are they ever grubby,enough to make a man think twice about eating them !!!
  4. Same with us , we haven't caught a walleye on scatter raps ...
  5. The cottontails must b staying up and giving u some good runs ... When we run them they always seems to goto hole quick after the start or a circle then they hole
  6. Absolutely , but if they don't have the tools needed to do the job, then it's a waste of time ..
  7. Are your dogs akc registered? I'm always looking to better my dogs by finding a good stud hound
  8. U guys shooting strays also? Or just the rabbits the dogs run?
  9. Ran dogs also this weekend on hare.. They ran decent , but the hare were holding tight ...got some snow now, time to get serious !! Lol
  10. I don't shoot white rabbits on bare ground. There's no sport in that .just my opinion
  11. Is there a road near by? Could of been hit by vehicle
  12. As always , nice job and enjoy hearing about kids in the field hunting or fishing .
  13. Happy bday Kevin ... Looks like u enjoy your day
  14. Does anyone use the mojo decoys? Looking for pros and cons on them.. Also wondering if the baby mallard mojo is better then the regular size mallard mojo .? Thinking about purchasing one but would like some feed back before I do .. Thanks in advance
  15. Would the guy on right hand side in picture be named randy?
  16. Figured today would be a good day to hunt ducks , but turned out none were flying at all where I was .. Maybe the wind had them laying low ,or we need another migration of them to come down !!
  17. Nice !! They r starting to chase does, see one today in middle of field hot on a doe that was in field
  18. I'd even b willing to trade a hare hunt on tughill, for a cottontail hunt ,
  19. I would lucky and connected on a doe tonight at around 530
  20. Had a doe and fawn 50 yrds last night but chose to wait it out for a big buck that's in the area. Which he didn't show himself last night, but maybe tonight he will or I might choose to take a doe if possible now...
  21. Google ft drum hunting , they have a websight for sportsmen to apply for a permit then u have to register your guns at the mp barracks ..
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