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  1. Can anyone recommend a good rain suit?
  2. Sign man charters owned by rich Clarke is excellent guide
  3. Fisherman72

    SLR 1 for 1

    Whats the reason with using a floro leader?
  4. Seemed to be quite a few boats all around Chaumot bay on Sunday..parking lot was full, .
  5. I always can catch pickerel if the walleye are not hitting...
  6. I was told today by a guy that using a stiff rod or a rod that doesn't have much flex to it will snap or cut nanofil?? Does anyone know if this is true or not?
  7. I was down yesterday evening surface was temp was 63-66 pending where I was . Only one boat I seen out targeting for walleye,boated a pike and a couple small bass and lost 1 walleye..
  8. This new law has been rescinded , the dec has changed there mind about it now .
  9. Nice catch!! How deep u get them in?
  10. Yesterday it picked up around noon and was rolling a good 3-4', not very pleasant fishing in that ...
  11. bottom feeder , how high was the waves today down there ? Marine forcast isn't also right so didn't feel like driving out there today and being too rough to fish!! Thanks
  12. Thanks for the ideas. I might change them to offshore release and see how they go .
  13. Has anyone had problems with the releases on yellow bird side planer boards with the line coming out of the release? I bought a few this spring and the release don't seem to hold the line in vey good..anyone reccomend a good release I can switch the originals out with? Thanks for your time .
  14. Was 64 and above today according to my reading for surface temp
  15. Fished brb from 630 till 1230 caught 4 small pike and only seen one other fish caught .. No walleye..
  16. It's a quiet morning in brb so far only 3 small pike so far
  17. I will b trying ir again Friday and Saturday ..
  18. Gonna try the evening bite this week for a change
  19. I'm far from a expert but a game warden was saying the walleye run at Rosie was over in 10 days , the water temp warmed up and they were gone. I'm guessing they are in deeper water now for the most part, but maybe I'm wrong
  20. I've tried this stuff and lost more lures this weekend then I did in the last 10 yrs!! I took it off my reels, never again !!! Lol
  21. I fished black River bay the last 3 days and picked up only one each day..2 were males full of milt... And only seen a couple others boats catch one ..everyone was saying the fishing was slow including the game wardens
  22. Slow day in black river bay also. Only picked up one mid 20" walleye
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