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  1. Thanks for the pic I was going to drive up this week to see how it was.
  2. launched my 26'/ 30' long boat out of there today, had to drive off trailer and back on no problem. fishing was slow for us, south east wind didn't help. West side launch is the deepest good luck fishing.
  3. fisherdude don't be a hater of police, I watched the clip, the man is a foot taller then the cops, he is pushed backwards but trips and hits his head and within 2 seconds you hear the police calling for medical response team to aid him
  4. And I thank you from a retired law enforcement person. Its nice to see there are still people out there with common sense.
  5. It's a shame, launches are opening back up and we have a group of people telling us how to live our life and how to fish, we have Cuomo to do that. Lets stop attacking each other and go fishing.
  6. Mr Clean you want my wife to stay home and not fish or go boating (luxury not essential) but at the same time you want us to go to your restaurant for takeout (luxury not essential) which is it?
  7. I fished with Rob a couple times in 2015, seemed like a good guy, hopefully this doesn't end Michigan stinger
  8. I find this strange I cleaned 10 kings and all their stomachs have been empty? Has anyone else seen this?
  9. Went 12 for 16 fish, 2 lakers and 10 Kings. Fished 20-48', downriggers 17' & 24', 3 color leadcore and wire dipsy standard size #3 setting out 30'. Spoons pictured did most of the work
  10. I ran 3 on my old boat [10' beam] but on this boat [8'9"beam] I like 2 riggers, 2 wire dipsy, 2 copper. With clearer water seem to do better 2 downriggers.
  11. I have two of them on my boat, great running engines. Mine are 2006 year and I have about 1550 hours on them each no problems. Trolling on one engine I burn about 1/2 gal a hour while pushing 8000lbs of boat fully loaded. For service I go to Frontenac only 20 miles for my house.
  12. fished for browns went 9 for 11 couldn't pattern fish. We fished west all the way to port bay, 8 to 22 FOW best water 14 to 18 FOW temps 44- 46* fished stick baits and spoons, all but one fish was caught on spoons. Super slim veggie and stinger die hard did most of the fish. Used 1/2oz and 3/4oz clip on weights so spoons would run deeper and even ran a small dipsy set at #3 setting out 14' with a small 1 1/2" spoon behind it and guess what 2 browns took it. Overall it wasn't a bad first trip out it's nice to be back on the water.
  13. fished 7/14 lake flipped couldn't find kings went 5 for 9, small king, 1 steelhead. 3 lakers. I'll try again next week
  14. thanks the boat is new to me, only fished out it 10 times, still getting use to a catamaran boat
  15. hughes 7/12 Fished 7:00 to 2:30 with my dad and his friend, went 12 for 19, 9 kings 3 lakers, the largest kings were 17lbs, 18lbs, 19lbs. fished 120'-180' with 120'-140' being the best. Die hard mag spoon, spin doctor flasher/fly mountain dew, and a meet rig the crew of thrillseeker showed me [ sorry can't tell you what it was, sodus pro am this weekend]. downriggers, 450' + 500' copper, and dipsy all took fish. I want to Thank Vince and crew of thrillseeker for all the help dialing in my fishing program.
  16. picked up a ride thanks for looking. buy the way, I am a 100% free observer keep me in mind for future derbies on the east side of Ontario
  17. first trip from Hughes Marina fished out of Hugh marina June 14, went 3 for 5 all kings was only able to boat small kings [13lbs and under] lost 2 fish that were around 20lbs. Fished 100-200 fow but 140 fow was must active. 1 fish 400' copper with a silver spoon, all other fish were dipsy #3 setting out 250-280 foot, flasher fly combos, "mountain dew flasher fly", and a "white flasher uv green fly".
  18. what is the cut-off date to sign up for the big fish Friday, and salmon slam?
  19. oswego pro am observer I'm available to be an observer for the Oswego pro am, I have observed in the Wilson harbor invitational before. Send me a message if anyone is interested. Art O'Mara
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